Commercial snowplow


    Some winters are pleasant and mild, while others can be cold, harsh and generally difficult, especially when clearing snow from an area. Most people choose to hire commercial snow removal specialists because they are experts in their field, provide good service, and are equipped to get the job done right.

    Be it residential properties, handyman Chicago or more industrial areas, commercial snow removal companies have a wide range of equipment to deal with snow and ice of any level. Doing this by hand can be a big relief, as most people only have the basics needed to shovel snow, and sometimes a simple shovel and salt isn’t enough.

    Snow plows

    One of the most commonly used machines that many commercial snow removal companies have for fairly large areas, parking lots, driveways and streets is a high quality snow blower. They are able to quickly and efficiently clear snow in straight rows and tend to work up and down residential streets most often.

    Snowplows come in different sizes depending on the customer’s needs, so it’s a good idea to check with companies what size they are, as some companies will only have very large trucks and others will only have small trucks that may not be suitable for special jobs. .

    Snow blowers are other efficient machines used to clear snow in a cleaner and less abrasive way, ideal for uneven surfaces such as paved roads or paths. While not all of these are commercial snow removal companies, most will provide them upon request.


    The largest commercial snow removal companies will have shovels to take care of these big cleaning jobs. They are able to handle large areas with a huge amount of accumulated snow. They are ideal for large car parks, industrial areas, wide roads or any place where very heavy snow removal is required.


    A team of backhoes will always be on hand when the big machines just don’t work well for a specific snow removal job. They will work on sidewalks, small roads, paths, or hard-to-reach areas where machines may not adapt or potentially damage property. While most people are capable of shoveling these small areas, sometimes time is not on their side, why not opt 鈥嬧媐or a bucket squad? They are simple, efficient and fast.

    Salt spreader

    After the job is done, snow removal Chicago companies finish by sprinkling salt on the surface to prevent ice from forming. Depending on the type of surface to be treated or regulations in specific areas, sand may also be used for these jobs.

    The salt spreaders are variable in size, making it easy for every working size. Whether small sidewalk and small road spreaders or commercial spreaders needed for large batches, any area can be.