Best Futures And Options Broker


Trading options isn’t the easiest thing to do. You need a good broker, who can help you earn maximum profits. Check out this article to learn what options trading is, which are the best stock brokers in India for options trading and how can you get started in the same. 

Do you know what is options trading? Options trading has many facets, and we are here to help you understand it all with the best stock brokers for options trading.

What is Options Trading?

Best Futures And Options Broker: Options are a contract between two parties to buy or sell an underlying security at a specified price on or before the pre-decided date. It is a derivatives instrument that gives the buyer of the options the right but not an obligation.” 

Options are a useful tool for enhancing portfolio returns and managing risk. There are two types of options contracts; Call Option and Put Option; the former gives the right to buy an underlying asset, whereas the later offers the right to sell an underlying asset. The option buyer pays the premium to the option seller.

Key factors to select the best broker for options trading

One size does not fit all. All online trading platforms charge a brokerage fee and that should be the first thing to consider before joining any online trading platform in India. Most of the discount brokers only offer online services while full-service brokers would have both online & offline services. Full-service brokers would have dedicated relationship managers to guide you through the whole process of trading, right from account opening to paying taxes.

The best brokerage for your trading style will depend on what type of trader you are. Options traders will pay different fees than stock and ETF investors, and some firms excel at one more than the other.

  1. Brokerage: The share market is a platform where many investors, regardless of their monthly income, can participate in trading to earn more money. However, the amount of money you trade will determine the profit margin. The basic thumb rules on stock strategies state that traders with big portfolios have to pay more brokerage than those who have compacted portfolios. Moreover, if you are a trader who is investing in nifty-50 stocks and has a bigger portfolio, you can save a lot on brokerages by choosing a fixed-rate brokerage plan over traditional broking plans.
  2. Trading Platform: Options trading is extremely risky therefore if you are a beginner, then you must look for experts research & advice to create the right option trading strategy. Options traders should look for an advanced options trading platform with all the essential features in it. Advanced or experienced traders should check for pro tools like options chain analyzer, virtual options trading, options calculator & strategy builder to create & analyze options trading strategies. Options traders may particularly prefer a mobile trading app platform to trade at their fingertips. Brokers who offer a free education and learning platform will further enable newbies to learn the basics of options trading.

Best on these parameters Upstox is the Best Futures and Options Broker Platform.

How good is Upstox for Futures and Options trading?

  • Upstox offers a user-friendly Pro website and Pro mobile app-based trading platform which is powered by cutting-edge technologies. The online discount broker also offers many options trading tools like an option value calculator, options strategy builder, an easy-to-use tool to build an option strategy and place up to 4 orders at a given time. Upstox charges Rs. 20 flat brokerage on trading in options. You can trade in multiple contract types like call, put, and spreads. Options trading tools like option calculator, options strategy builder are offered by the online discount broker along with the Pro web and mobile app-based stock trading platforms.

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