ALPR Systems Make Your Property Safer and More Efficient. Here’s How


Security is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States. Homeowners and businesses alike know that it is imperative to protect their property. There are many different systems for protecting just about any kind of structure. The best, high-end security systems are composites of many different elements. Many of these elements are geared toward what is called access control. Access control is basically determining who comes in and who stays out of a property. On the cutting-edge of these access control systems is the automatic license plate recognition system.

Automatic license plate recognition or ALPR has been around for a few years now but, thanks to advancements with AI software, it has never been more effective. It’s been used on big business campuses and government buildings for years. Lately, places like condominium parking garages or entrances to gated HOA communities are employing automatic number plate recognition in greater numbers.

Here are a few Reasons why ALPR Systems are Increasing in Popularity:

  • Time efficiency. ALPR systems are putting the older systems out to pasture because they save time for everyone involved. Older gate systems used to involve either fixed radio systems mounted in automobiles, key fobs and cards, or PIN numbers. All those things involve time spent by HOA and building managers, residents, and security personnel to coordinate. They also created headaches for visitors and for service and delivery people. An automatic license plate recognition system streamlines all the hassle.
  • Saves money. ALPR systems ultimately save property managers and residents money. Obviously, they save money by not having anyone invest in car mounted systems and their maintenance. AI-driven systems also save money on on-site security staff. A good security system with automatic number plate recognition doesn’t need a human at a gate. The ALPR database will recognize the vehicle’s plate and determine if it can gain access.
  • Increases overall safety. ALPR systems generally make the security systems that they are integrated into better. This makes these systems safer overall compared to systems that don’t have ALPR. People lose keys, keycards, and key fobs all the time. Having keys and fobs floating around that can fall into the wrong hands is one of the main ways unauthorized people can gain access. You can de-activate them or go through the process of changing locks, or you can rely on the accurate database of license plates in the ALPR system to eliminate all of this hassle.
  • Agile and flexible. These systems allow for administrators and residents to provide or deny access at the push of a button. Residents can allow visitors and deliveries on the fly by granting them access via their number plates. Managers and administrators can monitor potential trouble via the same method. They can ID and flag potential intruders, and if that plate number shows up again, they can take immediate action. AI software has taken ALPR to the next level and made it available to more businesses and property managers than ever before