Accept the window repair challenge!


I believe that the window cleaning industry is more profitable than any other industry.

I have been in many businesses, probably like many of you.

Among other lame businesses out there, I have to admit that window cleaning smells like roses.

I’m not talking about windows repair problems. With a little effort and the right tools, anyone can clean windows.

No, I’m talking about your ability to window washing Chicago and sell your business at the same time… the ultimate in juggling.

If you stop marketing your business for a while, you will only receive calls from unwanted prospects after a while, and therefore run out of your calendar.

I recently saw this happen to a guy who had a 3 week window cleaning service. Handle all transactions

The techniques outlined in How to Get Started with Window Washing in Our Home Business Guide. All kinds of jobs are at stake. But then he decided to focus on window repair, not retail. Oh, he said.

In short, one day after three weeks of business improvement, he realized he had no clients on his calendar and had to start over. Sure, it keeps those customers coming back, but what I’m talking about now is that it shouldn’t just be on schedule.

And if you keep rolling the spice train, it will be difficult and time consuming to start over.

Let me introduce a few stories.

–Zig Zigler’s main motivator talked about “New Beginnings” in a lecture I heard recently. He uses an old Welsh image, you know.

This type of well has a large handle that must be turned to draw water from the well.

The first time you want water, you have to pour it very fast and hard. But if the water flows regularly, slightly press the faucet handle and the water will continue to flow. Hard work was done in the beginning. But… don’t stop. Because water flows everywhere

If this happens, you will have to start over with heavy pumping.

–The people who helped me get into the window repair business overheard the conversation while I was on insurance. One of them, of course, suspended marketing efforts for Thanksgiving week and again until the last college football bowl game in January after the start.

I just settled in for six or seven weeks and fed him great food over the holidays.

I was on a short vacation in early January and had to start over.

Follow, set appointments, and more.

This means the January results don’t appear until March or later.

Some of the information above is quoted for illustrative purposes only. This may result in unnecessary blank work in your schedule. This is especially true if you are new to the window repair industry.

But that’s the problem. Like the guy above who cleaned the windows for three weeks. How to wash windows on the floor, .

Still cleaning your business?

The simple answer is that you need to learn to prioritize and set time management rules.

I know. It’s pretty basic here, but important to master.

One of my best students plans their day around a two-hour window repair Chicago where they hand out flyers, coordinate postcard campaigns, and talk to other companies.

Marketing, interviewing real estate agents, interviewing property managers, interviewing builders, visiting stores, or whatever fits your marketing schedule.

Obviously the weather didn’t allow for all of the above in that two hour window, but he chose one, maybe two methods he wanted to use that day and did it.

Two hours can be the beginning or end of the day, or an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. It is not necessary. All they need to do is improve and publish a marketing message to prospects for two hours a day.

Mike really understands that there is no business without customers, so he stays up late at night and makes a list of what needs to be done for the next day’s sales. It’s basic, but hey… it works.