A Guide to Alcohol: 200 Proof and Ethyl Alcohol Where to Buy


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What is ethyl alcohol?

Ethanol is a by-product of plant fermentation that is produced naturally. As a solvent, a component in the synthesis of other organic compounds, and an additive for gasoline, ethanol is a significant industrial chemical.

What is Alcohol 200 Proof?

It doesn’t get any better than alcohol 200 proof when it comes to concentrated alcohol products. This material, which also goes by the names 100% alcohol, pure ethanol, and 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, has many uses. It has a variety of uses, including industrial, cleaning, disinfecting, and solvent ones. This chemical compound can be used to make a variety of goods. It is available from reliable chemical retailers like the Simple Solvents store. But keep in mind that because there isn’t much water in the chemical, it will evaporate quite quickly.

Alcohol 200 Proof is beneficial for:


  • Alcohol 200 is helpful for hemp and cannabis extraction.

  • The product is useful for making highest quality tincture, oils, and concentration.

  • It is helpful to extract active ingredients for herbs to make tinctures, herbal medicines, and oils.


  • Cleaning electronics, glass, stainless items, sticky areas, gardening, distillation, and extraction
  • It is used most frequently for residences.
  • At home or in the office, the product can be used on mobile devices and computer screens.
  • It can be used in kitchens, baths, and other frequently soiled places.
  • It is ideal for getting rid of sticky residue.
  • It works wonders on delicate surfaces that don’t need to be disinfected.
  • Windows, mirrors, and other glass objects make a good illustration.
  • It can also be applied to metallic surfaces.
  • Its low water content makes sure that rust won’t damage the metal.
  • 200 percent alcohol will be most effective if you’re working with ink and markers.

Making Cosmetics

  • Alcohol 200 is very popular for making beauty products.
  • It is significantly effective for nail polish removal and nail cleaning.
  • You may get the brightest nail shine possible by using this alcohol.
  • The alcohol is frequently applied in the last stages of a gel manicure.
  • It works wonders at getting rid of sticky materials.

Industrial Application

  • 200 proof alcohol is used often in industrial facilities.
  • Businesses use it to extract various types of oils.
  • It has recently gained popularity in the hemp business.
  • The material is frequently used to make wipes. When you place sensitive objects and surfaces on a wipe, you may quickly clean them.

Ethyl Alcohol Where to Buy

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