8 Ways To Get Your Real Estate Listings Noticed


The real estate industry is a highly competitive field. As a real estate agent, you must always be on your toes to not get left behind by your competition. When creating listings for your properties, you have to learn and apply effective methods and strategies that can help you close deals, make sales, and generate profits for the growth of your business.

Below are some key tips when creating real estate property listings:

  1. Pick the right real estate listing platform

Nowadays, you have a plethora of real estate listing platforms to choose from. To get your property listings noticed, you should use those that can offer you certain benefits that the others cannot. You should go with those that can give your listings sufficient care and attention and not a one-size-fits-all type of service.

  1. Apply SEO techniques

Using SEO or search engine optimization can help your listings be quickly and easily found by people who look up relevant keywords or phrases. Make an effort to at least learn the basics so you can gain more traffic to your listings and increase your chances of getting clients.

  1. Create an accurate description of the property

When prospective buyers find your listings, they will want to know all the important details about them, such as the location, size and number of rooms, number of bathrooms, and number of floors. They will also need information on whether there is space for one or more vehicles, and if there is a pool, backyard, and other features. Ensure that you state all these things in your description so that your readers can have these details right away.

  1. Highlight the best features of the property

Some buyers may be looking for specific or unique properties, so make sure that you showcase any one-of-a-kind feature that your listings may have. Examples of home features that many homebuyers find desirable or attractive are high ceilings, sunken living room lounge, south-facing windows, indoor/outdoor pool, and a smart system.

  1. Avoid exaggerating

Even if you want to find clients fast, you should not go overboard with your listing descriptions. Do not use flowery words or leave out any flaws the properties may have. Be honest and stick to the facts.

  1. Do not make it too long

A paragraph or two should be good enough for a property listing description. Do not beat around the bush. Remove all the unnecessary adjectives. Be straight to the point.

  1. Include high-quality photos and videos

Your audience will want to see what your properties look like, so you should always upload photos and videos with your listings. Invest in professional real estate photography, Matterport 3D tours, or real estate drone video tours. With professional real estate photography Matterport 3D tours, or real estate drone video tours, your listings can stand out from the rest.

  1. Do not forget to leave your contact information

Make it easy for the people who come across your listings to get in touch with you by ensuring that you put your phone number, email, chat ID, office address, and other contact details.