7 Valentine’s Activities To Do With Your Non-Materialistic Special Someone


Many videos and content online tell us that if our special someone does not surprise us or give us something expensive and luxurious, it means they don’t care. The thing is, it’s illogical to measure someone’s love and care based on the gifts they give. After all, each of us has different ways of expressing love, especially on Valentine’s. 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re in love, you’re probably thinking of the best gift or surprise for your lover. Honestly, the best gift varies on the person you’re giving it to and not what others tell you it should be. For instance, not everyone is into materialistic and superficial gifts. Many out there appreciate spending quality time and activities with the people they love.

If your lover falls into that category, here are seven Valentine’s activities you can do together for a memorable one.


1 – Have Valentine’s photoshoot and process your photos together

Today, photo-taking has become a part of many people’s lives. When you visit your social media accounts, you’ll find images swarming around, making them essential assets in the digital world. But I’m not suggesting this activity to post your photos online. You can do this simply because you and your lover want to document your 2023 Valentine’s.

To make it more fun, instead of just going to a professional photo studio, you can also look up a studio where you can try film processing. That way, you and your partner can also try an activity and experience how to manually make your shots into a printed copy and not just via printing.


2 – Have a spa or massage day

One of the best gifts you can give to an adult who is always on the go, has a lot of work, and lacks sleep is rest. Whoever said that a Valentine’s Day date should only be dinner dates, watching movies, or exchanging gifts is wrong. A spa or massage day could be the best gift if your lover has a lot on their plate.

For non-materialistic people, surprising them with a day of pure relaxation and recovery is one of the best gifts they’ll surely appreciate and enjoy spending with you. Who knows, maybe you also need one, too. You might as well spend it with the love of your life this coming Valentine’s Day.


3 – Go to a zoo, museum, or ocean park (be kids for a day)

There’s a stigma that adults going to zoos or ocean parks are weird unless they’re with kids. Because of this, many adults who genuinely love going to zoos and ocean parks refuse to because they worry about others. The good news is that stigma does not really matter because no one’s stopping you at the end of the day. 

If your lover is into animals, going to a zoo or an ocean park is truly a fun Valentine’s Day activity to do with them. Aside from those two, spending Valentine’s Day in museums is another fun idea. If you both love art and love learning about history, this is one of the best activities you can do. 


4 – Go on a road trip out of town and visit local sites or try local delicacies

People say it doesn’t matter where you bring two lovers as long as they’re together. I believe that’s exactly how you feel, too. And if you and your special someone loves driving around and spending time with each other, why don’t you surprise them with a trip out of town?

You don’t necessarily have to stay the night. One full-day trip would be enough. A two to three-out-of-town drive to a place you haven’t been to would be fun. But of course, you can also go to a town you both love going to. You can spend the day visiting local attraction sites and trying local delicacies you haven’t tried before. 


5 – Spend the day doing what you both wanted to but haven’t done before (have a piercing, get a tattoo, or dye your hair)

If your lover has been telling you that they’re thinking of getting a piercing, a tattoo, or dyeing their hair, why don’t you accompany them on Valentine’s Day to finally do it? Valentine’s Day is not only about going on romantic dates. It’s also a day where you can be brave and finally try something you both want for a long time.

Afterwards, you and your lover can have dinner at your favourite restaurant or grab a takeout meal to enjoy at home. Wouldn’t it be fun to do that thing you’re both scared to do? This Valentine’s Day will surely be memorable if you spend the day doing what you both wanted to but haven’t done before.


6 – Surprise your lover by dressing up exactly how you looked like when you first met and relive that moment for a day

If you and your lover have been together for years, you’re probably running out of ideas and surprises to give them. Here’s a fun and quirky idea. Why don’t you dress up exactly how you looked when you first met and relive that moment for a day?

Tell your lover to dress casually for a lunch or dinner date and pick them up wearing what you wore when you first met. You can also set the mood by pretending you’re travelling back in time and acting like it’s your first time meeting them to make it fun. If you haven’t worn that outfit for a while, your lover will surely laugh and appreciate your effort. 


7 – Spend the day at home catching up and telling each other stories you haven’t told them yet

If you and your lover’s love language is quality time, then a day at home catching up and telling each other stories you haven’t told them yet would be a fun date idea. Even mature and healthy relationships need time to catch up and tell each other stories they haven’t told them yet, no matter how long they’ve been together.

Also, if you think about it, there are many parts and stories about yourself that you probably haven’t shared with your lover yet, no matter how long you’ve been together. Take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to reconnect and get to know your special someone even more.


How you spend Valentine’s Day matters more, not the price tag of your surprise gift or activity.

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, and it would be a waste to let the day pass by without doing something special with the love of your life. Don’t stress over what gift or surprise to get your lover, especially if they’re non-materialistic. Again, how you spend the day matters more than the price of your present or surprise. What matters most is you both enjoy and make each other feel loved, heard, and appreciated. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Written by Bianca Banda