5 Scary Myths About Heart Failure

Heart Failure

Heart failure, the word itself, scares people. No one wants to face the situation as it implies the heart is in a rather bad shape. Treating heart failure can happen only through surgery, which somewhat complicates matters. Often Atrial Fibrillation treatment is delayed, which unknowingly leads to heart failure. Plus, certain myths are associated with heart failure. Here we will share with you 5 of them and the truth behind them.

Myth1: Your heart is not working anymore

Many people feel that heart failure implies that their heart has stopped working. However, that is not true. In reality, heart failure is when your heart is unable to pump blood the way it should. Patients can have heart failure on the right or left side of the heart. 

The heart cannot pump sufficient blood toward the lungs if it is on the right side. However, if it is on the left side heart cannot provide pure blood to the other body parts. Most people getting heart failure have it on both sides.

Myth 2: We cannot prevent heart failure

It is easy to assume that there is no way heart failure could be prevented. However, heart failure arises as a result of certain risk factors. Contact the best heart doctor in Hyderabad to know what these risk factors can be. If we know these beforehand, it is easy to refrain from them. That way, the probability of facing heart failure reduces considerably.

Myth 3: Once diagnosed, you cannot do anything

Another common myth is that once you get diagnosed with heart failure, you can do nothing to fix it. But you can make certain changes to your lifestyle along with surgery, medications, and implanting of devices.

After the surgery, you should follow a basic routine like eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding smoking to ensure the situation never arises again.

Myth 4: You cannot identify if your heart failure situation is worsening

Warning signs to everything show before the final event. It is not as if suddenly you will face a heart failure situation. Look for these signs as they would decipher if your heart is in trouble. Sometimes there are fluctuations in heartbeats. This implies you could need Atrial fibrillation treatment. Also, notice any changes in weight, blood pressure, and breathing.

Myth 5: Heart failure would only lead to death

A lot of think that heart failure means the end result is death. That is not true, as, after surgery, you can recover quickly. You just need to find the best cardiologist to help you recover. Along with specific changes to your life, you could soon be on a recovery path.

Summing up

Heart failure is not the end of the world. However, once diagnosed, you should immediately look for help. Dr. Raghu is the Best heart doctor in Hyderabad who carefully helps patients deal with situations like these. With his years of experience, he can show you the way to combat any heart ailment. Get in touch if you feel your heart is not working as expected.