5 Disadvantages of not Using Custom Boxes for your Products


Designing an ideal product is only half of the battle; your brand also needs to put an emphasis on proving that this product is superior to that of your competitors. The only way to emphasize and showcase the effectiveness of your product is through packaging. The custom boxes are the best among all the packaging choices since they perform all the jobs for business single-handedly. From brand identity to product protection and attracting the buyer pool, they can do it all and that too in an effortless manner. Not prioritizing them as your product packaging solution is a big mistake that can hamper your business growth. 

1- Compromised Product Security:

One of the fundamental drawbacks of not employing custom boxes for your product packing is that the security and safety of the product get compromised. No doubt, the primary purpose of the packaging is to keep the items safe from the logistic chain to the manufacturer before finally getting to the end-users. But, do you think that packaging that is not custom-built as per your product dimensions will help the survival of your items for a long? No, not at all; a box needs to be specifically designed and made according to the precise measurements of the items so as to fit over them perfectly. The premade packages are never going to help your cause of product protection since they might be loose or too tight for your items.

In such a scenario, there is a great risk of your items getting damaged on their way of shipping and cost you immense business losses. The custom packages, on the contrary, are sturdy-built and designed to fit each product with different specifications. 

2- Ward Off Sales:

From a marketing perspective, not using custom packages for your product is detrimental to its net sales in the market. It is crystal clear that packaging is the very first impression of your items that attracts or repels the clients from making a purchase. When it comes to buying habits, packaging design is the sole thing that serves a great deal. This design must reflect the personality of your brand and its item through attractive visuals. These attractive visuals then elevate the experience of the clients and encourage them to make instant purchasing decisions. But, unfortunately, you cannot achieve or accomplish this with some ordinary and standard packaging boxes.

These boxes are unable to be tailored in order to fit, embody, and raise your items’ perceived value in the target market. As a result, earning a higher degree of credibility concerning your brand and its services becomes impossible, and your sales suffer massively. 

3- Risking the Lives of Customers:

While the key principle of the packaging is to keep the inside articles preserved from any sort of damage, it is equally significant for it to be safe for the clients. Before deciding to deliver your products to the end-consumers, you need to make sure of conveying all the important technical details concerning your items. These details might include; expiry dates, specific instructions, nutritional facts, an association of your items with any allergens or side effects. However, if you are dealing in non-food items, you need to communicate the handling instructions and harmful substances that your item might contain. The delivery and conveyance of this information to the clients are indispensable for their healthy life.

However, if you are not utilizing the printable custom packages, it will be a real challenge for you to convey this important information. The ordinary packaging options available in the market do not deem fit for printing, and you might be risking the lives of customers by blocking the information transmission. 

4- Substantial Increase in Shipping Costs:

Unsurprisingly, you would end up with more shipping costs when not considering utilizing the custom packages for your product packing. It is an established fact that the shipping costs are interlinked with the overall weight of the items being transported to the final destinations. The standard packaging boxes are premade, and it is impossible to find a box that will precisely match or fit the needs of your items. Due to this reason, you may end up paying more shipping costs with the unneeded or unnecessary packaging. On the other hand, with custom packages, you can have the box exactly tailored according to your needs so as to avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

Furthermore, you also have a complete set of freedom with the material choice; choosing the lightweight materials can make them even lighter in weight. The premade packages may be bulky and augment the transportation costs of your business tremendously. 

5- Condensed Brand Exposure:

Refusing the use of custom packages for your items hinders and condenses the exposure of your brand reach in the target market. The ordinary or standard packages cannot live up to your expectations of doing effective brand marketing for your business. This is because they are difficult to be printed upon and designed in a way so as to indicate your brand personality in the competitive business environment. Conversely, the custom packages provide you with an extensive range of customization features that can be utilized to foster your brand recognition and awareness among the target market. Embossed logo, inscribed slogans, and catchy taglines, all things are possible with these unique and personalizing packages. These attractive visual branding elements act as your brand recalls and earn you a certain set of recognition in the target market.

There is a never-ending list of potential disadvantages when you are not embracing the use of custom boxes for your business. Without them, your business sales will ward off, and your branding will be put on a halt without any further exposure. Besides, you may also see a significant surge in your shipping costs.