4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Commercial Property in Bangalore


Real estate has always been one of the most intelligent forms of investment. Residential property is a safer but lesser-yielding option. But post-pandemic, residential real estate investment has seen a downward slope. Today, MYRE Capital tells you why you should invest in commercial property. 

For over a decade, the returns gained from commercial real estate have been consistent and have proven to be a highly profitable investment opportunity. A metropolitan city like Bangalore, with multiple prime locations and excellent amenities, is a hotspot for such opportunities. 

We’re stepping into 2022, and it’s all about making smart financial choices that would ensure a secure future. If you’re on the fence about putting in your resources in this, here are a few reasons why you should invest in commercial property Bangalore. 

High Rental Yield 

Residential real estate may be a more straightforward form of property investment, but the rental yield, particularly in Bangalore, is not more than 3-4%. If you invest in commercial property Bangalore, your rental yield would be 8-10%. 

We, at MYRE Capital, get our hands on Grade-A properties that are perfect for big companies and businesses. Moreover, with so many startups emerging especially in Bangalore, good commercial real estate demand has snowballed. With such high rental returns, you will always have a lucrative source of income. 

Increase in Valuation, Increase in Appreciation

Bangalore continues to develop and grow to date. The metropolitan city has transformed itself into a highly modernized IT hub and has attracted the attention of multiple companies, be it big or small. A prime location such as this increases the value of your financial asset. At MYRE Capital, we follow a data-driven approach wherein each asset is selected by a strict set of criteria which include analysis based on 30+ data points. These assessments reveal how optimal and valuable each asset is going to be for our investors, and we invest in only the best. Invest in commercial property Bangalore, and you’re guaranteed to have capital gains year after year.

 Stable and Lucrative Source of Investment Income 

As investors, we understand the need for stable, low-risk, yet higher-yielding investment opportunities. With commercial real estate comes more extended lease periods, which means that you will have a stable course on income for a very long time. When our clients invest in commercial property Bangalore, we work closely with them. Commercial property also comes with capital preservation, which means you save and earn more. 

At MYRE Capital, we personally invest in our dealings as well as make sure that our investors get their monthly rental income on time.

Better Management and Professionalism 

Commercial real estate is rented out to companies, businesses, or retail, and they already follow a professional ethic within themselves. Unlike residential real estate, where you as an investor must put in your time, effort, and resources to manage the property with multiple amenities, commercial property is a lot easier to take care of. Your responsibilities as an investor would be lesser when it comes to property maintenance. 


If you invest in commercial property Bangalore with us at MYRE Capital, we will provide end-to-end solutions that would facilitate better management of your assets. 

Since investing in a commercial estate can seem like a big and risky move, but what you get in return is more money and security. At MYRE Capital, we have created a space where you can invest in A-Grade assets with us personally by your side. Invest in commercial property in Bangalore with MYRE Capital and make the most out of your investment opportunity.