10 Amazing Free Augmented Reality Apps for the iPad

10 Amazing Free Augmented Reality Apps for the iPad

Apple has its augmented reality platform (AR). Dubbed as ARKit, there’s a slew of ARKit-enabled iOS free apps.

While virtual reality technology entertains you by successfully substituting what you see here in the physical world. AR technology enhances the actual world by superimposing additional objects. You can use ARKit to install furniture items inside your own room, for example.

Furthermore, you can engage in combat with simulated foes that prowl around the room or even park a future automotive purchase in your driveway. If you’re curious to learn more about ARKit and how it enables developers to create new immersive 3d experiences. Watch the video below.

AR is a technique that combines computer-generated visuals with real-world objects in real time to create virtual objects in their natural environment. While this concept is not novel, it is not extensively used in games or other purposes. It grew in popularity, especially after the debut of Pok√©mon Go. Apple anticipates integrating augmented reality capabilities in iOS 11 following the upgrade’s release.

Recently, innovators have focused on the promise of augmented reality, claiming that it is the “next big thing” that will become ubiquitous within the next five years. This is essentially why app development businesses such as Retrocube have invested significant resources in augmented reality (AR) applications for the iPhone and iPad, since more customers demand them.

The update introduces a new feature called ARKit, which allows developers to create augmented reality applications for iOS. If you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone or iPad. These are the best augmented reality apps currently available on the App Store.

1. IKEA Store

IKEA Store

It is almost certainly the application that makes the finest use of ARKit’s aesthetic capabilities. You may virtually place IKEA products in your house with IKEA Place. This way, you can get a sense of how a piece of furniture will look in your living room and experiment with several styles until you discover one that works best for your space.

Additionally, you can move and rotate the furniture to achieve the desired arrangement. Naturally, you’ll want to position your iPad at hip level and in a well-lit environment. Additionally, you may share the looks you design for your living space via social media platforms like as WhatsApp or Instagram. Without a question, it’s an excellent technique to gather ideas and determine what you’ll need when the time comes to purchase.

2. Monster Park

Monster Park

This entertaining game utilises augmented reality to allow you to control and lead dinosaurs in the actual environment. As with a handheld Jurassic Park, Monster Park enables you to engage with and tote your monsters as if they were household animals.

Furthermore, you can picture and film the creatures to ascertain their actual size, or you can use your iPad’s camera to stand close to them and communicate with them. Meanwhile, Monster Park brings you to the creature’s native habitat, allowing you to see what our planet was like prior to the arrival of civilization.



Take a glance at the Giphy collection if you’re a lover of graphics. Giphy World, the company’s latest app, enables users to add augmented reality-enabled 3D GIFs to your environment as well as film video. You can then share your creations with friends who also have the programme, which enables augmented reality communication.

4. Housecraft


Housecraft is a software application for arranging furniture that includes a number of resizable components. We believe this is a planning tool rather than a shopping app, as Ikea Place is. Additionally, it has an enjoyable mess factor that enables you to wreak havoc in a room.

5. MeasureKit


MeasureKit is well worth the investment because it helps you to estimate just about everything using the image sensor on your iPhone or iPad, including geometric parameters and angles. While the rule tool is free, you must upgrade it to use it in conjunction with the others.

6. TapMeasure


TapMeasure, like other measurement apps, enables you to create 3D architectural drawings and room models that can be downloaded as CAD files. It is fully available for free download and use, however some features, such as exporting CAD files, require a cost.

7. The Night Sky

The Night Sky

In the Night Sky, you can identify stars, planets, constellations, and satellites. It includes a high-end “Grand Orrery” feature that lets you to watch the Solar System from the comfort and privacy. You can roam about in augmented reality, zoom in on certain spots, and explore.

8. Carrot


This amusing weather app now has an immersive 3d feature, courtesy of ARKit, that enables users to view “hilariously caustic forecasts” in ar technology. Additionally, the developers of the software urge users against touching the image viewfinder, which you will almost certainly do.

9. Edmunds


Are you in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle in the United States? Consult this comprehensive automobile database and visualise the vehicle you’re considering purchasing in your garage or driveway. So according Edmunds, you may use this augmented reality method to detect whether a vehicle will fit in the parking place you intend to use.

10. RoomScan Professional

RoomScan Professional

RoomScan Pro is another good platform to consider if you intend to conduct several of the task yourself or reconstruct a section of your residence. Through the use of augmented reality measuring, it lets you to cheaply and inexpensively estimate the size of a place and the various surface areas of its walls.

The App Store currently features hundreds of AR-based technologies for the iPhone and iPad. Among these applications, the ones described above stand out for their utility and accompanying benefits. Without a doubt, incorporating augmented reality into your iOS device will boost your productivity and efficiency tremendously.