What Are The Different Types Of Woodworking Services In Kent

Woodworking services in Kent

Carpenters and other woodworkers are hard-working technicians specializing in a specific woodworking niche. This is because there are many different categories related to Carpentry and woodwork. Likewise, a single individual may be the jack of all trades but master of one.  If you want to create whole house furniture, you will need to hire a whole company for large-scale projects. Moreover, some firms and organizations offer a wide variety of Woodworking services in Kent. They facilitate their customers in every aspect of carpentry work to build up their reputation. 

However, in this article, we shall be discussing different types of woodworking services that technicians offer.

Rough Carpentry Services

Rough Carpentry is a specific skill set that is most frequently used in the planning, maintaining, and building of cabinets and kitchen shelves. This also includes the construction, framing, and roofing of wooden structures.  You can even Google for terms like “framing carpenters near me” and get the information online about this specific niche. However, do keep in mind the process’s cost efficiency and structural integrity.

Joister Services

These services are mostly related to the construction of wooden floors. Likewise, it is related to rough Carpentry. The difference is that it requires less detailed work as compared to the service mentioned above. This falls in favor of wooden floor durability. However, carpenters involved in this work are more inclined towards delivering a polished wooden floor. To hire these services, you can ask your locals or relatives a specific question like, “where can I find an experienced custom woodworking near me.” If they have installed a wooden floor for their house, they will surely provide you with their former carpenter’s contact number.

Trim Carpentry Services

These woodworkers and carpenters mostly create building trims and specialize in the molding of a room. They have a good understanding of the materials used and where they will be used during the molding process. Additionally, many structures are involved in this work. Such as skirting boards, mantles and cornices, and other ones.  If you Google for services like “Interior Trim Carpenter near me.” You will have a list of services related to it. These areas follow:

  • Green Carpentry: This involves environmentally friendly practices performed during woodworking duties.
  • Scenic Carpentry: This is related to the construction of scenic buildings like television sets and film stages.

Interior Trim Carpenter near me

Cabinet Carpentry Services

This type of service mostly involves the construction and building of cabinets. Take, for example, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, bathroom shelves. Additionally, it includes the construction of other furniture involved in woodworking. This includes patio furniture and indoor furniture sets.

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Ship Carpentry Services

These rare services involve the making of ships. They are designed and constructed according to clients’ demands and requirements. There are various categories, such as small boats, cruise liners, and freight ships. 

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