Window Washing Services in Toronto

window washing toronto

When you want to clean your windows, call on a professional window washing toronto. These professionals are well-equipped with specialized tools that enable them to get the best results for your windows. Their tools are designed to clean both the glass surface and the surrounding area including tracks and sills. In addition, they have the knowledge and experience to reach any window, even the most difficult and high-up windows.

Water-fed poles are preferred by professional window cleaners

Water-fed pole systems have several advantages over traditional cleaning methods. The first is that the water fed pole system is much less physically demanding than traditional methods. Instead of carrying buckets of water, a professional window cleaner can simply climb a ladder and use a water-fed pole system to wash windows. This is especially useful in small homes or apartments with limited space. It also avoids the need for a heavy ladder.

Another benefit of water-fed pole systems is that they are environmentally friendly. Since water is the only cleaning solution, soaps and other potentially harmful chemicals are not necessary. A water-fed pole system is also useful in situations where ladders or lifts are not feasible.

Professional window cleaners have specialized tools

Professional window cleaners have specialized tools to complete their job quickly and effectively. These tools include an extension pole and a T-bar. The former is similar to an extension pole but comes with a special decontaminated water head that removes metal, chemicals, and other particles from the window. The latter is useful for tall windows.

Professional window cleaners use specialized tools for different kinds of windows. They also have the appropriate safety equipment to clean different levels of a window. This allows them to clean all parts of the window safely and efficiently. They also bring all necessary cleaning solutions and equipment to the job site. This ensures a thorough clean and extends the life of the windows.

They can clean narrow or steep areas

A window washer in Toronto can clean a wide range of surfaces. In addition to large, flat surfaces, they can clean the narrow or steep areas of your property, including windows. The narrow or steep areas require a different cleaning approach than larger, flat areas. For these areas, a microfibre cloth can be used to remove built-on dust and dirt.

The squeegee should make contact only with the upper corner of the glass. To clean narrow or steep areas, start from the upper edge of the window and pull firmly, moving in a width-wise direction. You must also avoid using the blade on tempered glass, as it can scratch it. Similarly, you can use a fine nylon scrub pad to remove tree pitch, bug droppings, and mineral deposits. The squeegee blade should be wiped with a clean towel after each fluid movement, as this will ensure better results.

They are open early

If you live in Toronto, you should know that many window washing services are open very early, from 6:30am to 9am. This means that you can get your windows washed early in the morning before work, if you prefer. In addition to being open early, window washing services are also able to offer discounted prices if you are willing to pay a higher price.