Will India Compete China in Mobile Phone Industry


With the launch of the Make in India initiative, the demand and growth of Indian smartphone brands have increased to greater manifolds. With the demand of the Indian smartphone brands, the Chinese mobile phone industry is witnessing a saturation in demand for their smartphones. India has now ceased to become just a distributor for the mobile phone industry. 

Rather, it has become a manufacturer and producer with greater potential due to the fastest technology adoption. Numerous Indian mobile phone brands have launched 5g phone under 15000 that are affordable and hold the features and specifications of a premium phone, thereby directly hitting the Chinese mobile industry.

Moreover, various big names in the smartphone market, such as Samsung, Apple, etc., that have always dominated the smartphone industry have also shifted their base to India, thereby enabling the country to compete with China in the smartphone industry. This article will have a brief insight into the various reasons and factors that have enabled India to compete with China in the mobile phone industry. 

A shift in the manufacturing base 

With the launch of the Make in India initiative, there has been a sudden surge in the shifting of the manufacturing base of numerous famous smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung, etc. With India becoming the hub of manufacture of these smartphone brands, it has successfully engraved its name and place in the mobile phone industry. This has enabled the people to get undisrupted access to 5g phone under 15000. 

Affordable price range

One of the main factors that accounted for the tremendous growth of Chinese smartphones in the Indian market is the affordable price range. The majority of smartphone users in India are students and those from average-income families looking for budget-friendly smartphones. Even though the Chinese smartphones come with an affordable price range, those models with premium specifications are quite on the higher side of the budget, making them inaccessible to the students.

However, this is not the case with Indian smartphone brands. The Indian companies have ensured they manufacture and produce smartphones with the mid-range premium phone’s features within an affordable price range, thereby making it accessible to all. Owing to this aspect, one can get varied choices in mobiles under 20000 that has posed a great threat to Chinese mobile phones.

Latest and advanced specifications 

Along with a fair pricing range, the 5g phone under 15000 manufactured in India also features some of the latest and advanced specifications. It is imperative to mention here that one is no longer required to burn a hole in their pocket or compromise on certain features to own a premium or mid-range premium smartphone.

The Indian smartphone industry has put much of its focus on ensuring that people have access to the latest technology and specifications in their latest smartphone models. This factor has effectively enabled India to compete with the China mobile phone industry.

Production linked incentive 

To enable India to compete with the China mobile industry, it must first make its grounds strong in the manufacturing sector. To do so, the production linked incentive scheme has proved to be very beneficial. This scheme will propel India’s stature in the mobile phone industry. Owing to this incentive we now have at our disposal numerous mobiles under 20000.

With numerous factors such as fair pricing, production-linked incentive scheme, a shift in manufacturing base, India has become greatly enabled to compete with the China mobile phone industry. One can now easily get 5g phone under 15000 manufactured by Indian smartphone brands that have acquired great demand and popularity ever since its inception.

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