You don’t have to waste a fortune on short-lived theme park vacations or bootsführerschein online luxury cruises to experience quality relaxation time with your family and friends. Relaxing hours on a boat surrounded by the beauty of nature is not only a pleasant way to spend your weekends and holidays, but also economical in the long run.


Unite Families

Families often spend little time together. Between work, school, sports and clubs, everyone seems to be constantly moving in different directions, even when eating. A boat can change all that. It’s a great way to bring your family back together. There are no stops on a boat and there’s nowhere to go other than the water. You will have time and leisure to reconnect and make wonderful new memories while enjoying fishing, tubing, swimming, skiing, cruising or a variety of other boating activities.


Provide Relaxation

The lack of interruptions on a boat not only makes it easier to reconnect with your family, but also allows you to relax — really relax. No e-mail to check, no urgent faxes to reply to immediately, no constant texting, no urgent phone calls or lengthy meetings—just sun, water, fun and the people you love most. Even weekend trips are easy with a boat. You don’t have to travel far. Sail just a few miles from the dock and you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away from the pressures of everyday life.


Have Fun

The fun never stops on a boat. There’s always fun and exciting things to do, from a quick catch to barefoot skiing. And if you get tired of the view, it doesn’t take long to change it. motor to a secluded cove; Examine the nature there. Sail another mile and try fishing in a new location. Don your scuba gear and see what life is like on the other side of the water. Let your imagination run wild and create memories to cherish for years to come.


Boating is not difficult and, contrary to popular belief, not so expensive that the average person would not be able to do it. Even those on a budget can boat regularly with a little planning. So if you’re ready to give your family a gift that they’ll enjoy for years to come, or if you’re just ready to start a new journey of your own, give boating a try. It can change your life – and the lives of those you love – for the better.


Live one life – all thanks to pontoon boat seats


Who would have thought that just sitting in my friend’s boat and leaning back in the comfortable pontoon seats, just ten short summers later I would be able to look at my life with a completely different perspective? Seriously, how can a harmless act like a trip to the lake (reluctantly, I might add) on a lazy Sunday afternoon make so many changes in a man’s life?


The period leading up to the pontoon boat excursion sportbootführerschein binnen is a gray patch – weekends go by with very few highlights to remember. It was sports on TV, the Sunday papers, and maybe mowing the lawn and doing some chores around the house. The wife and I would take the kids out for lunch or ice cream and that would sum up the weekends. Boring and boring – and the worst thing is I can’t really remember a weekend during that time.


So there I sat on the pontoon seats with Linda, my wife, and I thought to myself how I wished I was anywhere but there. The boat rocked gently in the water as my wife and her friend Gayle spoke in feminine language about children, work and the new teacher at Justin’s (my eldest son) school. Yes, it sounds chauvinistic and it was. I guess I wasn’t in a good place in my head and the anger was entirely my own problem.


I switched off quickly. Gayle’s husband Rick is a good guy. Real estate agent by trade, but not as enthusiastic about sports as he was back then. We had some similarities, but those were few and far between. The conversation could be stilted and was exhausting.


Unfortunately, exertion was not on my agenda this weekend.


We left the dock and started motoring. I have to admit that I sat up slightly from my recliner on the pontoon seats and started enjoying the cool breeze. Rick drove and Linda and Gayle sat in the back. I was in the unsociable rear of the vehicle and that suited me well. What a bore I was! I can’t even begin to connect right now with this person who sat lonely in the back of the boat as a spectator.


Everything started to change when Rick opened the baby – throttled down and the comfy lounge boat came alive. It really started to move. Well, back then it probably wasn’t nearly as fast as today’s pontoons, but it was a rush for me.


I think my hard, crusty exterior has melted away as the day progressed. We went swimming, jumped off the boat and splashed around in the cool water. After we all climbed back into the boat, Gayle pulled out the lunch and pulled an amazing spread out of the basket. Rick handed me a beer and we enjoyed eating out there in the middle of the lake.


I laughed at some of Rick’s stories and began to realize, somewhat uneasily, that it wasn’t Rick who didn’t have a good sense of humor – it could just be me. I started connecting in ways I never thought possible. This wasn’t what I expected. It certainly wasn’t what Linda expected either – I humanized (if there’s such a word).


Was it the boat? I think that was it – it allowed me to get away from the thoughts of problems at home and at work. I started to let go and the more I did the more I enjoyed it. Rick let me drive the pontoon for a little bit – it was absolutely fantastic.


I had never done boating before and quickly became addicted. It was definitely the boat and the lifestyle it showed me. It was the company too – the company of Linda, Rick and Gayle, but most noticeably – it was my own company which I also enjoyed. That was a first!. I felt really good to be the carefree person I used to be that I had lost through years of stress and boring life.


I felt alive for the first time in years and rediscovered the old me – the me I really liked. I also think Linda fell in love with me. As we drove home I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. I could feel the sun on my skin, tingling everywhere with that good feeling. I felt like I had been on vacation for a week and yet it was only a day at the lake. Linda and I laughed, chatted and even sang along to the oldies station on the car stereo as we drove home.


This weekend wasn’t the last. We took the kids to the lake the following weekend and spent many more weekends with Rick and Gayle that summer. The next summer I was the proud owner of a beautiful pontoon and spent time with family, other friends and a few weekends with Rick and Gayle.


The tradition continued. Ten years later, the children are all grown up and still want to come to the lake with their friends. July 4th is not July 4th unless we are out on the lake. Rick and Gayle are our closest friends now. We have cruised together, been to Europe twice and been to Disneyland with the families.


I now enjoy so many outdoor activities and have wonderful memories of the kids and Linda spending the weekends on the pontoon. Linda will never admit it, but I do know that she fell in love with her husband again that first summer.


We have videos and photos of so many moments where we lived our lives and didn’t exist the way we once had. I hate to think what photos might have been taken from the time I was watching sports all weekend and the kids and Linda were finding their own things to do.


My life is completely different from what I used to live and I am forever grateful for that. I have to say my gratitude really goes to those pontoon seats I sat in ten summers ago. you changed my life I’m fit, healthy and happy – I doubt any of those words would apply today if I’d stuck to my sedentary, boring life of nothing.