Why Small influencers on Instagram Are All The Rage These Days

small influencers on Instagram
small influencers on Instagram

Do you still think that you need millions of followers to collaborate with big brands? Think again. There are thousands of businesses growing every year and are in dire need of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a great technique to expand a brand’s presence at rocket speed.Ā 

Small influencers with solid social media knowledge are god-send marketers for smaller niche brands. Brands that want great ROI or return on investment know it is the small influencers who are going to drive the sales.

We want you to leave this article with all the informational insight about the power of small influencers on Instagram and how they affect brand influencer marketing.

Let’s dive in!

Why do brands love small influencers on Instagram?Ā 

Celebrities and superstars have an extensive reach; every brand knows that. But can their fans convert as customers are the big question. Influencers provide that assurance. Their way of promoting brands is proof enough that their followers can be converted into customers.

We have highlighted some significant reasons why brands love small influencers. Have a look!

Better Engagement Rate

Finding an influencer who understands a brand’s mission is challenging. It is a fact that more followers do not mean more sales. According to a recent study, the engagement rates of influencers decrease as their following increases.

This suggests that smaller but more concentrated influencers receive more interaction than more prominent but less focused influencers.

Quality Content

When a brand reaches out to a small influencer, the influencer considers it a lifetime opportunity. They will make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to selling the brand to their targeted and focused followers. The content will be strictly according to the brand’s requirements.

Concentrated Reach

Small influencers have a niche audience who trust them completely. That is a massive perk of collaborating with small influencers. They have worked super hard to build a niche audience that trusts them. Collaborating with such small influencers is a tremendous tacit for a brand.

Niche influencers share the same taste as their niche followers, so it is evident that they know exactly what their followers will buy.

Easy on the Pockets

A new brand with a limited marketing budget should invest that money wisely. Instead of pouring all that money into getting one celebrity endorsement, they can divide it between multiple small influencers. Trust us when we say this, the sales will go through the roof.

How can small influencers on Instagram collaborate with big brands?

If you are a small influencer looking for ways to collaborate with brands, we have got you covered. Mentioned below are potent weapons to earn brand collaborations. Check it out!

  1. Niche it down

This one is a no-brainer. When content creators are unsure about their content, they cannot get a hold of their followers. Find a category you can excel at as a small influencer and hone it with all your might. Is it travel, fitness, beauty, or lifestyle? What is it? Ask yourself this question, and start working on it when you get an answer.

  1. Consistency is the key

When you have figured out your niche, start generating content around it. Do whatever it takes to create excellent content and post consistently. A lot of naive influencers post ten posts a day in the beginning and then bring it down to 1 post a week. This can make you look unreliableā€”post at regular intervals to generate trust and accountability.

  1. Build a strong BIO

Your bio is your business card and digital first impression combined. We all remember someone whose first impression left a bitter taste trailing off. Similarly, we all know atleast one person whose first impression was phenomenal. Take time to write a bio for your social media profile that looks engaging and authentic. It is an extension of your personality.

  1. Find your platform

Is your strongest suit creating witty one-liners? Or do you prefer making 60 seconds video? Find a social media platform that comments on your most vital skill. Some influencers are extremely loved on Instagram but are unpopular on Twitter. This is because they know their power lies in creating content for Instagram. You have to do the same. Find the platform that is in alignment with your content.

  1. Stay creative

Nothing in this world can compensate for creativity. If you think you are not as creative as other influencers on social media, think again. Everyone has a creative edge; they just need to dig deeper and find it. Do you know there is a shortcut to discovering creativity in yours? It’s called practice. The more your practice, the more creative you will become.

Spend some time with yourself to create great ideas for your social media profile. Your followers will appreciate your originality.

Final Thoughts

Small influencers are not so small after all. They are becoming more in demand than mega influencers. Their customer reach has made them brands’ favorites in terms of influencer marketing. These small influencers also provide relatively high user interaction and target a small solid niche. The engagement rate is directly proportional to sales.

We want you to leave with this takeaway-When a celebrity markets a product, more people will see it. But when a small influencer markets a product, more people will buy it.