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Why Should You Give Preference to IVF Lite Over Conventional IVF Method?

IVF Lite is a minimal stimulation In-Vitro Fertilization procedure – gaining favor again for the reason of realization with no/fewer side effects. It is a soft stimulation with a lesser amount of fertility drugs. If it is used with Egg accumulation by using the Cryotech Vitrification Technology, you will get amazing results that will be far better than what you have expected from the conventional method of IVF. This procedure is developed to retrieve only a few eggs in each ovarian stimulation cycle. In this way, embryologists and IVF specialists get better-quality eggs and develop a chance of better-quality embryos.

What are the Benefits of IVF Lite?

Being an easy option, IVF Lite in Mumbai is not only easy on the patient’s ovary, but also on finances. In this procedure, one or more cycles are performed. All the eggs are frozen through Cryotech Vitrification Technique to accumulate the right number of healthy eggs. The embryo that is developed through egg and sperm fertilization is defrosted for transfer. It is called the IVF of the future – low budget and safe to use.

Instead of recommending high doses of fertility injections, a low dose of fertility injections and certain types of medications are used. Not to mention the procedure of egg retrieval – planned approx 36 hours after the medication or treatment procedure. These eggs are frozen; while the endometrium is prepared by using estrogen tablets to increase implantation rates.

For those intended mothers, who are planning the conventional method, visiting a nearby and the best IVF lite clinic in Mumbai will be the right option.

Women, who have crossed the age of 40 or those with multiple failures of the conventional methods, or hyper responders (women with PCOs), are the right ones for this process. You can also discuss this with your fertility specialists.

Advantages of IVF Lite in Mumbai:

  • The painful and expensive injections that are used in the conventional method in the initial part are substituted by affordable oral medications. Only a few or lesser injections are used.
  • This method is helpful in decreasing clinical visits. In this way, you don’t have to apply for leaves or face interfaces with work schedules.
  • This amazing method of pregnancy through medical rich way increases the number of Euploid eggs and embryos that increases the chances of pregnancy to some great level.
  • It is a simple treatment schedule with a lower drug dose and amazing results with no risk of failure.

You have to search for the top clinic for IVF treatment in Mumbai – mainly to pave smoothen ways for your family’s growth planning. You have to schedule an appointment according to your requirement, go through the details, and get the right solutions.

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