Why Seville is the place you should pursue your higher education from?

Seville, Spain Old Quarter Skyline.

Seville is the capital of Andalusia which is located on the lower sections of the Guadalquivir River. The city is approximately 2,200 years old and was founded as the Roman city of Hispalis. In this city, you can come across three major universities comprising the University of Seville, Pablo de Olavide University, and the International University of Andalusia. These universities welcome international students with warm hearts. Many students are coming over here from different places. However, students can come across a plethora of student accommodations across the city.

The variety of student accommodation

The demand for all the private student accommodation with all the amenities is quite high. To save you time and money on the everyday commute, you can go with private accommodations which are situated close to the city’s top universities. All the PBSAs are fully furnished with added amenities to make your lifestyle happen. You can enjoy the swimming pool, gaming room, gym, study area, laundry area, and so on.

Places of interest in Seville

Seville has a wide range of places of interest as well as tourist attractions. The highlights and the landmarks comprise some interesting places where you can go sightseeing. You can go to the historic city center where you see the architecture with Moorish influence. You will be inspired by the beauty of the Royal Palace of Seville. The Alcazar palace is another place of interest which you should not miss during the trip. The palace is still used by the Spanish King. As there are a limited number of visitors per hour, it is important that you can buy your tickets in advance.

Student Accommodation Seville

You can go to the Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede, which is one of the largest cathedrals across the globe. It was built over the beautiful remnants of the Moorish mosque. Once you visit this mosque, you can go to The Giralda Tower. Once in the cathedral, you can easily admire the beautiful treasure trove, the tomb of Columbus. It is one of the most royal Chapel. You can also climb the Giralda Tower to enjoy a panorama of the city.

You can also go to the famous square in Seville which is situated in Maria Luisa Park. The ‘Plaza de Espana’ was created for the Ibero-American exhibition of the year 1929. A highlight of this ‘Spanish Suare’ is the 52 benches with amazing tiles that represent the beauty of the Spanish provinces.

What sets this city apart from other cities?

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities with a fascinating past, the greatest architecture, and interesting culture. The city has an amazing public transportation system to make commuting much easy. There are buses, trains, metros and even trams to travel from one place to another. The simplest and most inexpensive way to move around the city is by taking one of TUSSAM’s buses. The weather over here is extremely hot in the summer. In the winter, you can expect a tropical weather. Seville is also known for its amazing scenery. It has a thriving nightlife with chic, modern bars as well as energetic cafes. It is home to the biggest Gothic cathedral in the beautiful world and it is also UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every person finds something or another to enjoy in this beautiful city. You can find some of the best student accommodation Seville.

Commuting in Seville

Seville is all about a great network of buses. Most of the buses depart from the Puerta de Jeres or even Plaza Ponce de Leon. There is a bus station from where you can travel to other Spanish cities and from the bus station, you can reach anywhere you want. The bus tickets are available from the driver or in the kiosk. The city buses run in and around the center. The Metro-Centro tram is just a 1.4 km line through the center of the city, which you can easily take. It generally connects Plaza Nueva to Avenida de la Constitucíon. But the tram sports at different spots which makes traveling within the city much easy. Seville also has one metro line where there are around 22 stations. At the moment when they are busy working on the three new metro lines. The line is primarily envisioned to easily link you to the suburbs of Seville. The one-way trip starts at €1.35.