Why Salon POS Software Is Necessary


If you own or manage a salon or spa, adding a point of sale or POS system is one of the best decisions that you can make. A good salon POS system uses the latest technology and is designed to help you manage your day-to-day business.

A POS system’s primary function is to process payments and manage schedules, but it can also track sales, run reports, maintain your database of customers, and prepare for taxes.

When searching for the ultimate salon POS software for your beauty business, look for these essential attributes:

Easy to Use

The ultimate POS software is straightforward to use and a natural fit within your salon or spa’s workflow.

You and your staff must have the ability to quickly and easily access client information as well as check customers in and out. And, the process should be so seamless that your clients are barely aware of it.

Mobile Access

Your POS system should also be easy to access and work on any device of your choosing. And, this should be possible without the investment in heavy equipment or the need to hide a server in your office.

To avoid conflicts and IT issues as well as access your data from anywhere, look for a cloud-based system.

Track from Anywhere

Your salon software should offer powerful sales and commission tracking. You’ll want easy access to your information at any time and have multiple reporting options.

If you go mobile, you can access your business data wherever you are, including from home, while on vacation, or, more likely, between client appointments.

Please & Thank You

Rewarding client loyalty and encouraging their referrals is essential to the growth of your business.

That’s why you’ll want a system to track rewards points and your client recommendations, that way you can encourage frequent client visits and increased spending all while gaining customer loyalty.

Inventory Intelligence

If your salon or spa carries retail, you’ll want a system that integrates seamlessly with your inventory.

A sound inventory management system will not only help track your retail sales but also identify sales trends recommend products at checkout and offer automatic ordering functionality to keep your shelves well-stocked.

Support and Training

Once you and your staff learn the system, your POS Blog will save a lot of time. To make the process simple, find a system that has easy tutorials and a friendly and knowledgeable support team that both understands your needs and is willing and available to help.

Be sure to inquire about training, data transfer, and ongoing customer support costs. The best salon or spa point-of-sale system will offer these services for free but will also have the backing of a company that truly knows and understands the beauty industry.

Once your new software is up and running, set up a protocol to train all staff and any new hires. That way, anyone can help check-in clients, book appointments, and process payments with ease.