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Why Egg Freezing is Important for Women in Today’s Era?

For women, one of the pride moments to enjoy in life is motherhood which makes them perfect and complete women in society. Earlier, motherhood was not an issue because they became mothers before crossing the age of 25 years. Now, the time is changing and they delay family building at the time of seeking a life partner. Sometimes, there are various other reasons like education, career, economic consideration, or even any other that often cause a delay in marriage and of course pregnancy. For them, chances of conceiving after 35 years of age start decreasing before of the poor egg quality. For them, the best way is to keep their healthy eggs of young age preserved and free. Oocyte freezing which is done at the top egg freezing clinic in Mumbai and even in other cities will be the right option to fulfill your requirement to continue your pregnancy at a later age.

Oocyte freezing allows you to preserve your fertility until you are ready to have children. Some renowned clinics have come up with egg banking, also known as Oocyte Cryopreservation and egg freezing – hope for all women, who are concerned about their future fertility.

You can also be an egg donor in India to help others in completing their family through IVF, in case the woman is unable to produce more eggs. The egg freezing procedure is started immediately after the egg retrieval as the eggs are immediately transferred to the lab for the advanced cryopreservation process or Vitrification. The entire process is performed by experienced embryologists.

Why Should Women Become Egg Donors in India?

Young women must apply to become egg donor in India to help someone in their families, friends, or relatives, who are struggling with infertility and couldn’t continue their journey of pregnancy due to any medical complexity. A young mother below 30 can be an egg donor to help childless couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood, who can’t do so on their own. For a single intended dad, a donor is the first person to provide an egg for fertilization in the lab and then transfer the embryo to the gestational carrier or a surrogate.

Women donate their eggs to help other women to become pregnant through IVF. You can also get egg-freezing to keep your healthy eggs of young age preserved and use later for pregnancy.

What are the Benefits of Egg Donation?

For women, who want to become egg donors, a number of amazing benefits are there that will surely persuade them to get involved in this process.

  • You will quickly discover the life-changing experience that will bring hope to single intended dads and infertile couples.
  • Women, who have crossed the age of producing healthy eggs, can get amazing benefits from this process.
  • Intended parents and egg donor matches are mutual as they choose the right donor.
  • They are also welcomed by the IVF agency, who offers egg freezing services too.

Find a recognized and the best IVF Lite clinic in Mumbai and you will get success to preserve your fertility for future pregnancies.

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