Why Do We Need Roll Of Sticky Paper?


Roll of sticky paper is an essential tool for restaurants and delis. It can help you reduce order packing errors and speed up service. It’s also an affordable and convenient way to decorate surfaces. You can find it in most craft stores and e-commerce platforms. It’s a great option for brand-building and party favors.

Roll Of Sticky Paper

This paper is also liner-free, which helps minimize your environmental impact. The Max roll of sticky paper is also repositionable, which can reduce order packing errors and help you print faster. It’s a great option for brand-building and party favors.

Features Of Good Roll Of Sticky Paper

The best roll of sticky paper is one that has a strong adhesive coating and can be repositioned easily. This type of register roll is perfect for keeping receipts in place and can help streamline to-go and made to order establishments. It also helps eliminate order packaging mistakes, which can be costly for your business.

Additionally, this type of paper is environmentally friendly and does not require ink ribbons. Choose from a variety of sizes to meet your needs and use our printable register roll sizing guide to find the right size for your machine. Select CLIA & Mission Brand paper rolls to ensure compatibility with your automated urinalysis system.

Types Of Roll Of Sticky Paper

There are several types of sticker paper roll available for use in your thermal printer. For example, you can choose the Max stick sticky paper that is compatible with most receipt printers, or the Max Stick 2Go product that works with select printers.

These products have a patented adhesive formulation that repels cutter wheels and tear bars, so they are not attracted to the paper and leave no residue behind when used in your machine.

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