White Label SEO Agency Guide (Infographic)

White Label SEO Agency Guide

As an evident worldwide shift from traditional to digital marketing happens, more and more agencies are likely to offer SEO or search engine optimization. Many marketers today see the great benefit of becoming an SEO reseller (a company providing SEO services to clients) and outsource this job to a white label SEO company. 

Clients that look for a service such as this may be offered options through any of these three options:

  1. Hire In-House Employees – is considered the best way to provide clients with SEO services. However, only a small number of companies hire in-house SEO specialists. The main reason that many do not choose this option is that an entry-level specialist’s salary costs $60,000/ year. 
  2. Hire an SEO Contractor – if the first option is costly for the company, then hiring an SEO consultant/ contractor may work with your budget. An average SEO consultant will cost over $170 per hour.
  3. Partner with a White Label SEO Service Provider – when the other two options didn’t work for you, then maybe this will. An affordable choice in availing an SEO service through a white label SEO provider. Its cost is a fraction of hiring a consultant for your business.

The reason why white label SEO services make sense is because of the many services it offers. Technical services like on-page optimization, technical SEO analysis, and link-building campaigns (to name a few) will enable your company to maintain and get more clients for you.

The Benefits of a White Label SEO

Outsourcing the work for SEO will bring many advantages to your company. When it comes to software, there is no more need for you to purchase expensive ones to stay relevant. Because you have outsourced SEO service, you will have more time to focus on business aspects that need more attention. By being able to attend to more important matters, you are also improving your clients’ satisfaction.

To further understand white label SEO services, check out this infographic.

White Label SEO Agency Guide