Which Material Is Best For Horse/Dog Tags And Why?

Horse ID Tags

Be it a horse or a dog, your pet is always the last possession you want to lose. Pet tags made for dogs or horses can be useful identity tags that will not let them get lost. Get one hung from your dog’s collar or your horse’s bridle so anyone can recognize them just by looking at the number or the name engraved on it. 

Of all the tag varieties available in the market, stainless steel horse tags remain the best choice. You will find pet tags made of Aluminum, brass, and several other materials in the market. Some of these materials will even cost you less than the stainless steel ones. 

But, it is always wiser to settle for something that would add a dose of personality to your beloved pet’s appearance and last for a long time. Here is why high-grade stainless steel tags are always superior to other alternatives. 

It is Rust Resistant

High-grade stainless steel is rust-resistant. Given the low amount of iron present in the alloy and its specific chemical composition, stainless steel never gets rust on it. This feature makes stainless steel of higher grades the best material for pet tags.  

If your horse gets drenched in the rain or your dog gets inside the backyard summer pool to play with your kids, you do not have to take the tags off. If the tag is made of top-notch stainless steel variety, even salt water cannot get it rusted.  

Horse tags and dog tags are available in the market with different clasping options. If you wish to take the tag off when your pet stays home, you can opt for a lobster clasp. You will find brass lobster clasps for steel tags in the market. But, it is always wise to settle for steel clasps that will last for a long time. 

It Looks Beautiful

Stainless steel horse id tags look shimmery and attractive. It takes only a feeble ray of light to reflect on its surface to catch the attention of any onlooker. Perfectly round steel ID tags with stone adornments enhance your pet’s cuteness exponentially.  

Steel pet tags featuring birthstone charms are an excellent option. If your pet’s birthday is in February, choose an Amethyst and if it is in May, pick an Emerald. For each month of the year, the birthstone varies. 

You will find all these alternatives available with acclaimed pet tag dealers. Imagine a smooth, round, glossy ID tag with a tiny gemstone dangling on it hung on your horse’s bridle – your Mustang couldn’t look more lovable than this.  

It is Durable

Stainless steel horse tags do not get worn out easily. In fact, these tags remain as good as new for several years. Oftentimes, the steel tags made with high-grade metal outlive the pet. 

Additionally, the strength of stainless steel is several times stronger than brass or aluminum. So, compared to other alternatives, stainless turns out to be a better option for fashioning long-lasting pet ID tags. 

Deep Carving Possible

One of the reasons you buy stainless steel horse id tags remains to ensure that your horse does not get lost. Even if it escapes and finds itself wandering astray on the roads, the pet authorities can identify the horse from its ID tag and bring it back to you. 

Therefore, the information you engrave on these tags should be legible and easy to read. At the same time, you cannot subject your beloved pet to the extreme discomfort of wearing a big, heavy tag all the time. 

Stainless steel tags are hard enough to withstand the pressure associated with the engraving process. Even a small tag can have clearly etched words and numbers on it. Make to engrave your pet’s name and your contact number on it. Additionally, since stainless steel does not wear off, the engraving remains equally readable and prominent for several decades. 

Persimmon & Co. is a reputed pet ID tag manufacturer and seller. They specialize in perfectly round, stainless steel pet tags that look gorgeous and last for years. You can choose to attach a birthstone to make the pet tag personalized for your darling pet. 

The surface design of these tags remains customizable. This means that you can decide what you want to engrave on your pet’s ID tag. You can get your pet’s name and your contact number etched on it. Alternatively, you can replace your pet’s name with your locality name. Turn-out tags are also available alongside birthstone-embellished ID tags.