Where Can You Watch International Football This Season?


How to watch football online at home

If you are a sports fan, you will surely be interested in watching all the online football of the competitions in which the Spanish teams take part, whether they are national or European competitions.

But in addition, it is likely that you will like to watch football matches from other countries if you are truly a lover of this sport. Currently, in Spain this is possible both through the pay television platforms of the operators and through streaming. These are the main options:

  • Hulk-tv
  • Orange TV
  • DAZN website

Most international competitions can be viewed through any of these options, but there are some that are specific to a specific platform.

How to watch international football on television?

Beyond Spanish football, European football is one of the most interesting among football fans, since the level of competition on this continent is probably the highest today.

The best leagues in the world are in Europe and proof of this is that we have the best competition at club level in the world, the Champions League. Some examples of European leagues are: Italian League, French League and the Bundesliga and of course the Premier League.

You can watch all European football through Hulk-tv Fusion Total+ Package, which includes all European competitions.

On the other hand, hiring Hulk-tv is a very high expense if we take into account that there are many platforms to watch international football. For example, you can watch all English football and the Premier League on the new 해외스포츠중계platform DAZN.

Where can I watch the Bundesliga?

The Bundesliga will be the first major league to resume after the COVID-19 health crisis. For this reason, many fans wonder where to watch the Bundesliga.

Well, there are several alternatives to see the Bundesliga. We show you all the options you have to watch the Bundesliga in Spain, both on television and online:

Hulk-tv: it is the option par excellence. It will be in the house of football where you can see 7 of the 9 matches of match day 26 of the German league. In this way, the company’s customers will be able to enjoy football again after this break thanks to Hulk-tv.

Orange TV: Orange customers will be able to watch 6 of the 9 Bundesliga matches live (one delayed). One less live game, since football on Orange television does not have the #Vamos channel, which is the exclusive property of Hulk-tv.