When a student completes their BCA degree, what are their options for the future?

what to do after bca

BCA student considering a post-BCA career? Is a BCA degree enough to acquire a good job? Looking for BCA job options? what to do after bca? Confused about post-graduation or work? We’ll help you.

This page discusses what to do after bca or BCA careers and occupations. You need further courses to get a good job. This article will examine the courses BCA graduates can take to pursue their dreams.

Before starting, remember that hard effort and dedication to learning determine your career path. So keep learning new tech. Let’s explore the greatest BCA job alternatives and determine what to do next.

BCA Postgraduate Options


  1. MCA (Master of Computer Applications) (Master of Computer Applications)

This BcA level will deepen your understanding. MCA students learn IT industry demands. This degree lasts 2 years. MCA students focus on system or complicated application development. They study math and business management.

Post-MCA careers

System Analysts, Programmers, Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Software Consultants, Database Administrators, Test Engineers, and Quality Assurance Engineers can work after MCA.

Admission process?

BCA graduates can enter MCA without an exam. MCA NIMCET, MAH MCA CET, IPU CET, UPCET, and others have entrance tests.

MCA learning

Database management systems, statistical computing, computer communication networks, AI applications, and other computer-related topics will be covered.

  1. MIM (Masters of Information Management) (Masters of Information Management)

MBA in IT degrees last two years. This degree qualifies you for IT leadership positions. This degree equips students to create innovative technology.


System Analyst, Computer network architect, MIS director, Videogame designer, Mobile application developer, Chief Information Officer, Management consultant, IT consultant, and IT manager are all possible jobs after MIM or MBA in IT.

Admission process?

MIM applicants must be graduates from any field. He must then pass three admissions processes. A written test, group discussion, and personal interview follow. College phases are the same.

MIM learning

Economics, Engineering Management, Finance Management, Entrepreneurship, and other management courses are covered. You’ll study cyber security, software process management, IT management, business analytics, etc.

  1. MCM (Master in Computer Management) (Master in Computer Management)

This degree teaches management and computer abilities. Problem-solving and computer application development are taught. Financial, marketing, and operational management will be taught together with computer applications. This degree lasts 2 years.


Computer System Analysts, Computer and Information System Managers, Information Security Analysts, and Database Administrators can work after MCM.

Admission process?

Entrance requires an exam. Institutes administer exams.

MCM learning

This course covers all computer topics, including programming languages, databases, operating systems, and data structures.

  1. Security Management

Information Security Management degrees cover security technologies and risk management. This course covers organizational computer network security policies. This course lasts 2 years.


This course qualifies you for jobs as Chief Information Security Officer, Security Architect, Security Director, Information Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer, and Incident Responder.

  1. MBA (Master of Business Administration) (Master of Business Administration)

MBAs take two years after BCA. BCA graduates can pursue MBAs in IT, marketing, data science, or analytics.


IT managers, directors, CIOs, and CTOs can work after this training.

Admission process?

MBA admission requires a test. CAT, MAT, CMAT, NMAT, SNAP, ATMA, XAT, and GMAT are entrance exams.

MBA learning

After admission, you’ll study MBA basics. Market research, finance, HR, CRM, and operations.

Other Courses after BCA


  1. Python-Statistics Machine Learning

Machine learning is the most sought-after technology after BCA. This course qualifies you for machine learning engineering. InsideAIML is one of the most popular companies offering this training. This course lasts 4 months. This is one of the best courses to improve your skills and boost your résumé.


Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, and Designers can work.

Admission process?

Several schools teach machine learning. Register for courses on their website.


This course covers basic Python, statistical analysis, predictive analysis, and machine learning models. Python and machine learning projects are available. Learn Django Framework, data visualization, and MySQL.

  1. Data Science Masters

Data science is a growing field in practically every industry. You can become a data engineer, analyst, or scientist after completing this course. Several institutes offer this education, but InsideAIML has excelled in supporting students. This course lasts 6 months. This course guarantees data science employment.


Data Scientist, Analyst, Engineer, Architect, and BI Developer jobs exist.

Admission process?

Several schools teach machine learning. Register for courses on their website.


This course covers fundamental Python, statistical analysis, predictive analysis, machine learning models, data science, MySQL, NLP, and more. You can complete the course’s data science and python projects after understanding these tools. Learn Django, data visualization, and other emerging technologies.

  1. AI Master with IBM Certification

Considering a job in AI or being amazed by AI products? This course is for you. After BCA, this course will get you the highest-paying job because AI has a fandom and everyone wants to know how it works. Many institutes offer the course, but InsideAIML uses its own AI models on its website. IBM certifies this training. This course lasts 8 months. This company helps with job placement and education.


AI, ML, Data Scientist, and BI Developer jobs are available.

Admission process?

Several schools teach machine learning. Register for courses on their website.


Python, statistical analysis, predictive analysis, data science, machine learning, deep learning, and Python projects will dominate this course.

AI-Powered Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a professional possibility, but did you realize AI plays a big role? AI-Driven Marketing by InsideAIML covers SEO, SEA, PPC, Google Analytics, Social Media, and Email Marketing. This course lasts 3 months. This course will help you master these abilities and succeed in AI-driven digital marketing.


Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Specialists, and Digital Content Managers can work.

Admission process?

Several schools teach machine learning. Register for courses on their website.


This course covers SEO, SEA, PPC, Google Analytics, Social Media, and Email Marketing.


This article covered BCA career alternatives or what to do after bca. Post-graduation or additional courses after BCA are best. Because a BCA won’t get you a good job. Post-graduation choices are several. MCA, MIM, MCA, MBA, or ISM—pick one that interests you. Courses other than post-graduation can assist you to land a decent IT career. Courses include Machine Learning with Python & Statistics, Data Science Master Program, Master in Artificial Intelligence with IBM Certification, and AI-Driven Digital Marketing.

We hope this post helps you choose a career and succeed after BCA. Ask questions in the comments below.

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