What is Web3 Gaming & 5 Benefits of Web3 Game Development Firm


What is Web3 Gaming?

Web3 is decentralised gaming. This means no central authority is in charge of making decisions and keeping track of who owns what. Players hold both non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens as game assets. People keep these in their wallets. Players own the things they use in the games. Gamers also have the chance to say what they think about how games should be made.

Blockchain is the technology that makes web3 gaming work. Play-to-earn games, play-to-own games, crypto games, blockchain games, and NFT games are all names for Web3 games.

What are the main ways Web3 gaming?

Web3 is a new type of web app built on decentralized blockchain networks. Before this idea, digital frameworks were limited to the cloud servers of tech giants and other large organizations. Web3 has rethought the system to include peer-to-peer (P2P) data distribution, which gives users and developers more freedom and lets them send data straight to its destination without the help of third parties.

Right now, the best Web3 game development company is ready to change the way people see the digital world and how it works in a big way. Here is a list of some of the most Web3-friendly fields from a prospective point of view.

Crypto and NFT markets

How cryptocurrencies work on the back end is a model for how decentralized networks function as a whole, and cryptocurrencies have been the top IT trend for a few years. Also, there has been a significant rise in interest in NFT, which is likely to keep going up.

Gaming Business

Game companies are also looking to hire software developers because Web3 will let users help make a game by using blockchain networks. Also, game developers are now working on a process called “tokenization,” which will allow in-game achievements to be turned into cryptocurrency.

Decentralised Websites and Apps 

The Web3 tech framework is used by a lot of startups to build their first project. Experts in the market say that this approach has mostly good things to offer. Also, today’s tech giants start Web3 projects to use them with the infrastructure they already have. Connecting VR and AI technologies to P2P networks is another exciting idea.

Benefits of Web3 Gaming 

Improving Leading KPIs

Web3 gaming adds additional dimensions that vastly improve community opportunities. For one, we can start creating an engaging community before the launch. We can accomplish this in many different ways. For example, by offering UGC, NFTs, and governance tokens, a lot of value and interest from more users enters the picture. Moreover, if the game ends in the case of Web3, the community can be repurposed. We can quickly transfer all assets to a new game or a marketplace. Further, that can be done across one or several titles. Hence, this option ensures that the community continues.  

Even though their core game hasn’t launched yet, users can already interact with each other and the marketplace.  

Improving User Engagement

Immersion is the key here – the more immersive the game, the more profound and varied user experiences. Hence, users are more likely to play for longer and more frequent sessions. If we shift our focus to traditional gaming, the latter offers limited user engagement opportunities. Essentially, users can only engage when the game is opened, and they are actively playing. As soon as they shut down their game or walk away from their computer, they are no longer engaged. However, with Web3 gaming, there are many more opportunities to keep users engaged even when not actively playing. Engaging players typically achieve this in a marketplace outside the game. 

Certain features affect specific KPIs. The overall benefits, on the other hand, often improve more than one thing simultaneously. For example, when it comes to user instals, Web3 gaming makes social interaction much better. When it comes to getting users involved, Web3 projects offer more immersion. User-generated content (UGC) is a big deal for keeping users. Also, Web3 gives us new and better ways to make money when it comes to user revenue. So, without further ado, let’s start talking about these advantages of Web3 gaming.

Improving User Installs

As It is clear that more instals mean more players. Also, more people playing means a bigger group of people. Also, Web3 allows a game’s ecosystem to exist outside of the game itself. If we look at traditional gaming, the community isn’t huge, and building it and making money from it doesn’t start until the game comes out. As soon as the game’s creators decide to end the game’s services, users will no longer be able to interact with them.

Decentraland is already a great example of this deeper immersion.

Improving User Retention

Now that you’ve looked at the first two KPIs, you know that Web3 gaming has an advantage in attracting users and giving them rich, varied experiences. This is a great start, but retention is the key to a game’s success if you want a lot of long-term users. One of the best things about Web3 games is that they help keep users around longer. User-generated content (UGC) is a big part of this. In this way, users don’t just play the game; they also take part by using their imaginations. There are different ways to make this kind of contribution. Here are some examples:

Making Skins

This is where artists with a lot of skill can make a big difference. Also, if programmers make the game’s economy work well, artists can sell these skins to make money. This gives fun new ways to look.

When making mods, skilled programmers can add a lot of value in the form of new ways to play.

Both of the things listed above could be NFTs. Games can also have a wide range of other NFTs. Because of this, anyone can make new game items and own a piece of the game. Still, when the number of users grows, it can be challenging for game makers to create enough content without UGC. But with user-generated content, there is always a lot of new content. Also, if people can make money with this, you can bet they’ll keep coming back for more. 

The Sandbox is an excellent example of how user-generated content (UGC) can be used to keep people coming back.

Improving User Revenue

When development teams get more money, they can add new features, ensure the games are of the highest quality and release new games. You should know that Web3 gaming allows you to get and keep more users. This means that more money will come in from the same sources. But Web3 also makes the game much more significant than it used to be, which opens up new ways to make money.

Axie Infinity is an excellent example of a new way for Web3 gaming to make money.


So, these are the main things that a good web3 game development company can do for you. Risingmax Inc. would be happy to help you make your dream app or mobile game if you want to work with a reputable company. Using the latest technologies, we make sure that your business has the best web presence possible.