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What is Super King Size in bed sheets and Mattresses

The size of your mattress is a crucial factor in ensuring a good night’s sleep. There is a range of standard sizes of mattresses available in the market. The size of a mattress ranges from single (90 x 190 cm) to the super king (180 x 200 cm). The market sales figures indicate that there has been a trend recently towards larger size mattresses market. There is a notable growth in those people choosing “super king size” (180 x 200cm) mattresses. It seems that super king-size mattresses are being chosen as partners looking for a good night’s sleep without resorting to single beds!

Are sizes different in all countries?

Super King size beds are a standard size both in the UK and in Europe and so bedding is readily available now. If space isn’t an issue and you want plenty of room to stretch out then it could be the right choice for you.

A 6ft super king size mattress is the perfect way to get that ultimate comfort and luxury you need after a long tiring day at work. Measuring 180 cm x 200cm, it provides the space and freedom to move around and relax. It has been observed that older people, who are light sleepers, choose to go for the bigger mattresses that would avoid one partner disturbing the other whilst tossing and turning in sleep. Also, given the fact that an average person moves a minimum of 40 times in one night, a super king size mattress would be a perfect choice.

Why Super king size?

If you are a chronic ‘tossing and turning’ person, it is better to opt for a super king size foam mattress. Foam mattresses are designed to take the shape of your body and eliminate all pressure points to offer you maximum comfort. People with back pains or sleep disorders would find an effective solution in foam mattresses. A foam mattress also lasts longer than other mattresses. Also, their size would provide you ample space to spread out and have a good night’s sleep. A super king-size foam mattress would also be an ideal choice for tall people.

It is always advisable to do some research before you decide to buy a super king size mattress. This is because you have several options in this mattress category. For instance, you could go for the 15cm deep mattress. That consists of an upper layer of 7cm temperature-sensitive material with a polyurethane foam base of 8cm. Such a mattress is characterized by an airflow system between the topmost layer and the foam base. It will be providing additional in-depth resilience and greater ventilation throughout the mattress. For even more comfort, you have the choice to go for the 31cm deep mattress. The extra depth allows for more luxury due to the pressure-relieving technology used in most foam mattresses.

A super king size mattress that features a specially formed high resilient polyurethane material. It is nparalleled comfort would be a great choice if you and your partner are looking forward to having the most wonderful sleep you have ever experienced.


To ideally make a king-size bed, it is crucial to have a flat sheet and comforter, and a fitted sheet. Draping fitted sheets onto a king-sized mattress follows the same pattern as putting fitted sheets on any size bed.

What is the Best Way to Put a Fitted BedSheet on a super King Bed?

While making a king-sized bed isn’t difficult however, it is important to know how to make it right. In order to make your bed right, you need to find a suitable sheet and a friend and put on your sleeves and begin assembling.

Step 1:

The first step to assembling a fitted sheet over the mattress is to make sure that you have the super-king-sized fitted sheet to match your King size mattress. Spread the sheet on your mattress, making sure that the fabric of the sheet is facing the right way up. It won’t lay flat because of the elasticized corners.

Step 2:

The tag or care label is sewn to the corner seam of each fitted sheet for king beds. Make sure that the tag is placed near the foot on the mattress.

Step 3:

When the sheet has been laid on top of the mattress, it’s time to hang it over your mattress. Grab the edge of the elastic sheet and drape it over the edge of the mattress to ensure it is secured. To ensure that the sheet is in place, pull the elastic beneath the mattress.

Step 4:

Once only one edge of the mattress is securely secured beneath the mattress, hold the opposite corner near the bottom of the sheet. Repeat the same process.

Step 5:

When you are at the head of the mattress Pull the sheet towards the front of the mattress and straighten the fabric as you are able to. Use an elastic strip from the right-top corner of the king-sized fitted sheet and drape it over the right-hand corner of the mattress’s head.

Step 6:

Grab the corner that is left on the sheets and push it toward the corner that is at the top of your bed. The sheet should be pulled tight to tidy your bedroom. After all corners are secure You may want to pull the sheet around particular corners or sides to ensure that your sheet is wrinkle-free.

With the super-king-size fitted sheet that sits on top of your mattress, you’re prepared to add the top sheet, a few blankets, a comforter, and pillows, and relax with the warmth of your mattress.

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