What Is Brand Design?


Before we can define brand design we must first define what a brand is. A brand is the gut feeling of a customer when they think of your company. Intuitively, brand design is anything that assist in the Brand Design creation of that gut feeling. So whatever feelings your customers have about your company can be attributed to your brand design.

For example. If your customer buys a product from your online store and wasn’t please, called customer service and requested a refund, but your refund policy did not cover her after 3 days of use. The customer ends up feeling cheated unhappy with your company. That entire scenario came about due to your brand design. From the moment she visited your website to the link she clicked to get to the page that led to the product she purchased to how she was treated when calling customer service. You’ve essentially created that entire feeling, that gut feeling when that customer thinks about your brand.

As you can see from the above example, brand design cannot be quantified as a thing, a project or a logo. It is the overall process of creating an effective and favorable customer experience which has a cross disciplinary agenda stemming from logo design to marketing to customer service design.

So How do you make sure you have a positive brand image? I’m glad you ask!

Taking into consideration your niche market and truly understanding every possible thing about them. This can include the colors they like, where they tend to shop, what social networks they tend to be involve with. What time of the day they are most active. How many children they have. Are they married or single? What turns them on and well as what terms them off.

With this information on your niche market, the next step is to evaluate your brand’s vision and goals and compare those with your target market to decided if your brand can meet their needs. To ensure an effective branding strategy you may need to hire a brand designer or designers depending on your needs.

Brand designers are any qualified professional that have the expertise to assist in building your brand identity. That can include Logo, Designers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers and Marketing Professionals (Both Off and Online Marketers and SEO Consultants)

The reason effective Brand Design branding is so important today and must be manage with agility and grace is due to the incredible exchange of information primarily online. Customer satisfaction is paramount if a brand is to be successful.