Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 3
  2. What aspects of online schools are more stressful than those of traditional schools? 3
  3. The online learning experience has become a stressful and irritating 3
  4. Online versus traditional learning 4
  5. How do online classes impact mental health office students? 4
  6. Virtual learning can cause fatigue 4
  7. How to take care of the mental health of students due to online learning? 5
  8. Conclusion 5


1.      Introduction

 In this assessment the concepts we related to the stressful aspects of the surrounding online learning versus the traditional school is considered.  The online learning and online classes mainly come up with the expectation that the student will understand the new technological advances in their education.  This mainly includes technologies like zoom or WebEx in relation to the physical strain. The most important stressful aspect of the surrounding online learning mainly includes the lack of proper facilities available like the proper chair and frequent physical toll.

2.      What aspects of online schools are more stressful than those of traditional schools?

            The respondents usually care about the problems and challenges which they face in their online classes. This mainly includes that there are about 54 till 58% of the students who usually report the issues like experiencing the physical fever strain and the back and headache due to the same position of sitting. These students usually face the eyesight troubles and letter the fatigue due to obesity and irritability.

            84% of the students who are studying remotely face the problems of insomnia and other stress related alignments.  This mainly compared with the 82% of students who are conducting the physical classes.  These students who are conducting these lyrical classes do not face these issues (Butnaru, 2021).

 The physical distance between the teachers and the students really became a challenging thing for the online students. The environment would also become difficult for the students because they cannot easily interact with their teachers. If I was a student,  then in this situation I would pay someone to take my online class. It is harder for the teachers to show exactly what they want to teach their students when they are working online.

3.      The online learning experience has become a stressful and irritating

            The experience of online learning for the student has become irritating and stressful because of many different reasons.  The students usually get the assignments back to back and they did not get enough time to complete those assignments. It has become difficult for these students to concentrate on their online learning because they generally hate it which ultimately increases their stress.  The main and increasing reason for death is stress that the student cannot promptly interact with their teachers and ask questions. The students should submit all their assignments before the deadline so they do not feel pressured in the last hours of submission. In this situation, I would hire someone to take my class online. The students usually wait for the teachers to respond and sometimes the teacher won’t respond until the next day.  Most of these students usually prefer these physical classes because they can get help from their seniors on a prompt basis.

 The students can easily interact with their teachers when they feel any confusion in any topic.  For effective learning, it is important for these students to have their teacher in front of them.  The teacher can explain by their own words and the student would understand better in physical classes in comparison with the online learning.  Without the direct contact with the teacher it is difficult for the students to learn effectively and would ultimately increase their stress level.

4.      Online versus traditional learning

            The traditional schools mainly involve the benefits of attending the parent teacher conferences.  This mainly allows the parents to get to know about their student’s results and performance at the end of the term report.  This activity is not available in online learning schools.  The parents have no option to get involved in their children’s education (Butnaru, 2021). In this situation they only have the option to support the learning by the structuring of the students daily routine and review their grades.

5.      How do online classes impact mental health office students?

The online classes ultimately affect the mental health of students as there are lots of challenges faced by these students.  The students usually spend their hours in front of zoom every day without any social interaction with their friends. This ultimately increases the stress level among these students because they are not involved in teamwork and group studies. The teachers have increased the workload for the students and pressured them to deliver the assignments before the deadline because they are not having face to face classes with their students.

6.      Virtual learning can cause fatigue

 During the COVID-19 pandemic did zoom fatigue become the exhaustion for the students?  This has become the formal diagnosis because the overload of information during the online classes is prolonged which ultimately causes mental draining for the students.  It has become challenging for these students to learn new information because they feel physically tired by sitting in front of a computer for hours (Iglesias, 2021). This may create anxiety and stress for students and professors.

            These students are also suffering from the lack of social isolation and interaction because they are using technological advances and there are studies.  The lack of social interaction impacts the mental health of the student in a negative way.  They would feel lonely due to isolation which would ultimately increase the lack of motivation among them.

7.      How to take care of the mental health of students due to online learning?

 There are different ways by which these students can take care of them and word distress of online learning. This mailing includes having the designated word to prevent the cause of stress and reduce distraction (Iglesias, 2021). The way of improvement in mental health can be encouraged through different healthy habits like sleeping early and doing physical activities.

8.      Conclusion

It has been concluded from the above assessment that online learning has become the reason for stress and anxiety among the students.  This can be reduced by encouraging the physical activities for these students by providing them with outdoor gaming which ultimately releases their stress level.  The parents should also provide a break to their children from daily hustle and bustle. It is important for the students to prioritize their self care and if they are not feeling comfortable in online learning then they have the option to switch towards the traditional classes on campus. The teachers are also getting pressured to lose their jobs when the grades of the students are not maintained.  It is important for the teachers to provide them the best effective learning whether these students are taking the online classes and traditional.  This is the main reason that the teachers are losing their goodwill.


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