What are the Top Selling Magazines in America?

Adult Magazine

The level of interest in reading magazines varies in America. Some people like reading magazines avidly and some don’t. However, a survey in 2021 revealed that around 43% of Americans love reading magazines during their leisure time rather than watching televisions. This means, a significant number of Americans like to get subscription to magazines. Here we have listed some of the top selling magazines in the USA.

The Week

The Week is a weekly news magazine that covers international and national news and opinions of experts. The magazine founded in the United Kingdom in 2001 and had expended its readership to the United States in 2008. In no time, it has become a popular source of news and analysis for American readers. When you compare materials published in The Weekly, you find it more engaging than that of news channels. The articles are summarized and presented in a concise and easy-to-read format, making it easy for readers to stay informed about a wide range of topics without sifting through countless news sources.

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is one of the most popular general interest magazines in the United States featuring a range of content, such as inspirational stories, human interest pieces, health and wellness advice, travel and leisure and more. The magazine was released in 1922. Therefore, Reader’s Digest is one of the oldest family magazines in America. One of the key features of Reader’s Digest is its “condensed books” section, which presents abridged versions of popular books in easy-to-read format.

Beckett Basketball and Beckett Football

Beckett Basketball and Beckett Footballare dedicated to the world of basketball and football card collecting and trading. For collectors, it offers latest news, prices, and analysis of basketball and football trading cards, including articles on the history of the hobby, tips for collectors, and interviews with players and card designers. It also offers a price guide that lists current values for various basketball and football cards.  From vintage cards to modern ones, it helps you to stay informed about the value of their collections.


It is one of the highest adult magazine subscriptions in the USA. The magazine was founded by Larry Flynt in 1974. After its foundation it received mixed response from readers including negative and positive reviews. Overall, it is still one of the most popular magazines in the USA. The magazine includes provocative content, which includes explicit photos and articles about sex, politics, and other topics. The printed version of the magazine contains engaging top-quality explicit images. Therefore, it is a magazine of men’s interest.

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