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What are the The Five Principles of montessori curriculum

Montessori curriculum is one popular educational approach adopted by over 22,000 schools worldwide. Montessori education is based on the belief that all children are unique and have immense potential to learn and become self-directed learners. They are guided well by teachers through the learning process by using materials that fit each child’s specific needs and pace.

The curriculum was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori (Italian educator and doctor) after extensive research on the early childhood years of children which helped her to develop 5 basic principles. So let’s understand those principles in detail.

The Five Principles of Montessori curriculum followed by the best schools in Dubai

Respect for the Child

Freedom to choose the activities of their interest, and giving them enough time to learn at their own pace is one way of showing respect to children which is the main essence of the curriculum. This feature helps students to become independent learners.

The Absorbent Mind

As per Maria Montessori, children have an “absorbent mind” which means they soak information from their surroundings like sponges.  The initial years of a child are very crucial as they learn quickly from the environment they are in, so it becomes very important to give them the right environment in the form of Montessori where all 5 areas; Language,  Sensorial, Math, Cultural and Practical Life are targeted.

Sensitive Periods

Maria Montessori found out that children from birth to 6 years of age have a phase where they are most capable of and responsive to absorbing a certain skill, this phase is called Sensitive Periods. So best schools in dubai teachers identify sensitive periods in children and provide them with related resources/materials so that they can flourish during this time. These Sensitive Periods are Order, Spoken Language, Movement, and Sensorial Activity which are universal and all children develop them at the same time in life for the same developmental purpose.

The Prepared Environment

Children learn best in an environment that has provided the freedom to explore, move, interact socially, etc. Everything in Montessori is easily accessible and under their reach. Teachers prepare the learning environment to be engaging and inviting by arranging materials for children in an orderly and independent way. They are also taken outdoors to learn and get inspired by nature. Children do not sit in a place for long hours so the spacious environment helps them to move freely without distractions.

Auto Education

Children learn by doing things themselves and teach through active exploration. Teachers encourage children to explore by providing new materials in the prepared environment.

The Role of the Teacher

In Montessori education, the role of the teacher is to guide children without interfering. They provide learning materials at the right time by observing each child closely which helps children to learn lessons in the course without forcing them to learn separately.

Classroom of Montessori Students of the best schools in Dubai

  • The things are minimal so that they do not over-stimulate or distract students.
  • Walls are painted in neutral shades, with artworks displayed at eye level.
  • The classrooms are quiet, calm, and uncluttered
  • Chair, desks, and child sizes and shelves are placed for easy reach
  • Materials are kept for easy access.
  • Activities that appeal to all 5 senses (sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing) are used.
  • The classroom has different learning areas
  • Use of natural and real-life materials and activities
  • Spacious environment to move around without disturbing others

A regular day in Montessori

Children in Montessori arrive early in the morning, look around and choose their activity based on their interests and work on it as long as they want to. They are occasionally guided by teachers.  They engage in learning by themselves or in groups with different work materials or activities designed for the day. The younger ones observe older ones and learn from them while older ones learn the art of leadership and teamwork. There are no inferiority complexes, everyone learns.

In the Montessori best schools in Dubai, 5 distinct areas are targeted

Practical Life:- Here, the activities are provided to enhance the development of gross and fine motor which help them to carry out daily life activities such as eating, wearing shoes, cleaning with a child-sized broom and duster, and clearing the cutlery.

Sensorial and Order:-Here activities are provided that target the five senses which help children to learn important details about everything in their surroundings.

Sensorial activities can be smelling bottles, coloured tablets where they distinguish different colours and shades, music and poetry to enhance their listening skills, food items in the form of snacks to know their taste buds, and other activities like mud, and sand playing to know how they feel, etc. These sensorial activities will heighten their senses.

Language development:- Here activities are provided that help them learn gestures, body language, sign language, letters, phonics sounds, and reading. Materials like the movable alphabet, paper, and writing implements are used to develop language and develop early literacy skills.

Maths:- Here children use concrete learning materials that prepare their basic mathematical areas. For eg:- Number rods, number boards, and other maths-based activities help them to learn addition and subtraction.

Culture:- they provide Children activities and materials which expose them to music, art, and general knowledge, and help them explore the natural world around them. The materials are rhymes, videos, art and craft, globes, puzzle maps, flags of different countries, etc.


The Montessori curriculum awakens interest and allows children to pursue learning that intrigues them. Montessori is a scientifically based education that promotes independence, freedom, and psychological, physical, and social development.

As per Dr. Maria Montessori children should be nurtured in such a way that they should develop a love for learning that stays with them lifelong.


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