What are the incredible vapes for 2022 to quit smoking?


The challenge of leaving the addictive habit of smoking is quite hard. The constant fear of horrible consequences compels smokers to procrastinate on the idea of quitting. The thought of uncontrollable cigarette cravings, constipation, weight gain, bleeding gums, and dry eyes scares most people—especially people who want to quit smoking without any other alternative. 

What if you have to suffer the horrible consequences of leaving smoking? What if we suggest you vaped to make the shift from tobacco to nicotine worth trying? Yes, you heard that right! Vaping is the right choice for a better and healthier smoking alternative. 

If you are new to vaping, we suggest you go through this short vape guide. When you read it, your mind will be equipped with useful information about vapes.  Let us begin by answering the most basic yet important vape questions.

Which type of vape is best to quit smoking?

If we take a general perspective into account, the types and ways of vaping differ. However, there are many different disposable vapes and regular bars. But there are only two reliable ways of vaping. The first is called MTL (mouth to lung), whereas the second is referred to as DTL (direct to lungs). Our concern is not about how these two ways work. Instead, we are more interested in knowing which one is better in case someone wants to quit smoking. So undoubtedly, the most recommended method is mouth to lung. It is not harsh on your lungs, but at the same time, it is close to the smoking experience. Due to MTL not being too intense on your mouth and lungs, it is favourable for new vapers. Also, because MTL gives a cigarette-like fulfilment, it is the number one choice of former heavy smokers.

Now that the ways of vaping are clear, we should also shed some light on the best type. What is the best variant of vape bars to leave cigarettes? The answer to this question is none other than pod devices. They are extremely easy to vape and demand no strenuous effort. All that is required from you is to pop in a cartridge and vape until it is empty. Once you are done with the previous flavour, replace the cartridge with the newly flavoured e-liquid. Other good vaping options besides pod devices are disposable vape and pen devices. Continue reading to find out about the incredible vapes for 2022.

Best vapes for 2022 to quit smoking:

  • Following is the much-awaited information about the most popular vape bars of 2k22. 

Aspire, Minican Kit,

  • This kit has included all the finest features of current advance vaping.
  • The battery is 350mAh and is also rechargeable. The battery supports the micro USB charging method. 
  • The smart led indicator is placed in the device to indicate the battery’s life.
  • The mesh coil head is solid 1.2ohm.
  • This device will easily carry 2ml to 3 ml of your favourite e-juice.
  • The name suggests its design. Minican is an extremely small smart vaping bar. However, the mini design does not mean the stylish looks are compromised. 
  • The high-quality coil allows thick vapour clouds with each puff.

SMOK Novo 4 Pod Kit

  • This pod system ranges from 5W to 25W.
  • It comes with a solid 800mAh built-in battery. 
  • The strong battery means that smoke Novo pods will have a long vaping time at any hour of the day.

Hype Max flow disposable pod

  • This disposable pod system allows maximum flavour comfort.
  • The cylindrical battery of 900mAh is unbeatable. This much battery automatically translates into 2000 delicious puffs. 
  • The content of e-liquid in Hype Max Flow is almost 6ml.
  • The best feature is its airflow ring. The purpose of this ring is to allow adjusting for the perfect vape draws.