What are the criteria for choosing a good SEO agency?


As a website owner or traffic manager, you naturally want to make your business known to as many people as possible. To ensure your visibility and thus develop your business, it is often preferable to entrust the natural referencing work of your site to an SEO agency.

How to choose a good provider? What are the points not to be overlooked? Here are the 7 criteria to which you must pay attention before deciding. 7 criteria for choosing an SEO agency

Agency references

The performance of an SEO agency is measured in particular through the number and reputation of its clients. Take a look on her site for the companies she has worked for or ask the agency directly for references. Then contact customers for feedback.

Online reputation

The level of expertise of an SEO agency is perceived in part through its notoriety on the web. Read her blog, research the events she was able to attend, read customer testimonials by consulting her profiles on social networks or on forums, etc.

┬áThe provider’s financial health

By entrusting the natural referencing of your site to an Seo Services in Lahore you are committing to several months, even several years. If the provider is not financially sound and goes bankrupt along the way, you will lose your investments.

Sincerity and transparency

You need to be able to trust your provider. If he guarantees that you will be in the first three results of Google in two months, run away! SEO is an inexact science. By respecting the rules set by Google in terms of natural referencing, as YATEO does, as a White Hat SEO agency, you should not expect results for at least 3 to 6 months.

Operation based on the principle of pay-for-results

The success of your business depends largely on your natural referencing. If the agency fails to meet its targets, you shouldn’t have to pay the benefit.

YATEO has precisely this performance model: either the turnover generated in SEO increases compared to before its intervention, or the agency is not remunerated.

This virtuous model makes it possible to have all the stakeholders aligned on the same objectives: the client, like the agency, like the account manager of YATEO will play their remuneration on the achievement of growth objectives.

The analysis tools used

To measure the effectiveness of the SEO strategy put in place but also to carry out its mission, the natural referencing agency must have many tools at its disposal and must have trained its teams using these tools.