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What Are The Advantages of Applying The Poultry Lighting in Your Farms?

Poultry lighting is an important aspect of poultry production and has several benefits for farmers. In this article, the author discusses the types of lighting and how it impacts poultry production.

Why Does This Matter?

1) Improved productivity: When chickens are in a well-lit environment, they tend to be more active and productive. This means they will produce more eggs and meat per hour. 

2) Safer chicken houses: Chickens are naturally inquisitive creatures, so a well-lit house will make them feel safe and secure. In addition, a properly-lighted chicken coop won’t attract predators or inclement weather, both of which can negatively affect the health and welfare of your chickens. 

3) Less stress for the chickens: A properly-lit chicken coop will reduce the amount of stress experienced by the broilers. Stress can lead to health problems, including obesity and heart disease. So if you want happy, healthy chickens, lighting their homes is an important step!

What are the Best Methods for Lighting Your Chicken House?

There are a few methods for lighting your chicken house that can improve your broiler production. The most common way to light a chicken house is with overhead lights, but there are other options as well. 

The best way to light a chicken house is with overhead lights. Overhead lights provide a consistent and even light throughout the house, which is important for consistent broiler production. You can also use spotlights to focus on specific areas of the house or use a combination of both. 

If you don’t have access to overhead lights, you can use LED. LED lighting is more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting, but it doesn’t produce as much heat. Incandescent lighting produces more heat than LED, but it’s less energy-efficient. 


Proper lighting will result in brighter colors, more uniformity across the broilers, and a better overall appearance. So if you’re looking to provide a good environment for the growth of broilers, make sure to invest in poultry lighting!

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