What Are The Advantages Of A RO4350B PCB Manufacturer


The RO4350B PCB is a proprietary product of the Rogers Corporation.  A RO4350B PCB manufacturer creates a glass fiber-strengthened ceramic laminate that caters to high-performance and high-volume commercial applications.

The Roger PCB has a low electrical noise that enables a low signal loss. The PCBs are priced effectively to garner a favorable market for the product.


Here are some of the more significant features of the RO4350B PCB in a nutshell.

  • The Roger PCB has a low dialectic loss.
  • A low dialectic tolerance.
  • Stable frequencies compared as opposed to electronic properties
  • Available in double and multiple layers
  • It has a low Z-Axis expansion.
  • High heat dissipation.
  • The base copper is available in 1oZ and o.5oZ
  • Compatible with various PCB requirements
  • Corrosion resistant.

The Benefits

There are a few significant benefits of the RO4350B PCB for a PCB assembly manufacturer.

  • Cost-effective pricing is an advantage for the manufacturers.
  • The ready availability resolves an issue of procurement for mass production of PCBs.
  • The RO4350B PCB is designed for optimized electrical performance.
  • It is suitable for all those applications with high operating frequency requirements.
  • It is suited for broadband applications.
  • It can remain stable when the temperature changes in the circuit processes.

Manufacturers get multiple benefits of attractive prices, high performance with dimensional stability, and low-cost production possibilities.


The RO4350B PCB is a high-frequency PCB that comes with several advantages for commercial manufacturing applications.  Some of the commercial applications of the RO4350B PCB are as follows.

  • Power amplifier
  • Cellular base station antennas
  • Automotive radars
  • Sensors
  • LNB for Live Satellites
  • Microwave connectivity
  • Radiofrequency identification tags

The thickness of the RO4350B PCB ranges between 0.0015 to 0.005 in. It has a dissipation factor of 0.0009 at 10GHz, at 2.99Dk. It is available with and without the glass reinforcement.

The Rogers Advantage

Let us look at some of the features that distinguish the Roger RO4350B PCB from an ordinary PCB.

  • In heavy industrial and commercial manufacturing processes the Roger RO4350B PCB is a high frequency compared to a regular PCB.
  • The high-quality performance of the RO4350B PCB has earned the trust of manufacturers and designers. It has become the first choice for critical and complicated manufacturing processes.
  • The RO4350B PCB is effective in the lowest water absorption than a regular PCB.
  • Implementing the RO4350B PCB is easier in extreme conditions like aerospace and defense installations than a regular PCB.
  • Regular PCBs are better suited to low-proficiency installations like a switchboard.

The RO4350B PCB is widely used for defense installation, aerospace, wireless communications, telecommunications, and the automobile industry. It has been found reliable in various uses, with minimal scope for failures. Moisture absorption is an advantage that is significant in critical applications.

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