Ways To Sell Your House Fast in 2022!


Finally, you’re here, finding ways to sell your house fast as an owner. Well, you must have decided to sell your home yourself to save on a real estate agent’s commission or wish to experience the emotions and practicality utilized when selling your lovely house in someone else’s hand, right? No worries, we got you covered. Let’s check out the ways to sell your house fast. 

What Are Ways To Sell Your House Fast?

Whatever your reason is, one thing that is important for you to know is that your decision to sell a house as an FSBO owner is valid. Obviously, you might be afraid of scams or hustles you’ll have to deal with. But if you walk on the right track to find ways to sell your house fast, you can excel in the game and be at the top of bargains to differentiate from until you reach your perfect buyer.


So what could be the ways to sell your house fast in a market you’ve less knowledge of? A home can be sold for a better deal and efficiently if the seller does a little or required market research that helps you set the listing price of your house. 

Because a listing price is a foremost aspect of finding a buyer for you, always remember that a listing price can sell your house fast or keep you waiting on online portals for a long time. So it’s better to put up a reasonable listing price to attract buyers, and likewise, you can further negotiate with them because a listing price is not always the selling price.


Once the price is set right, you’ll have to make your house look pretty by completing all necessary amends, decluttering, getting out the personal stuff, repainting with neutral color, clearing landscapes, and of course, the perfect photography. 


If you’re not a good photographer, you can always look for professionals who can help you take the best shots of your property for listing that can make buyers interested in you. 


Well, it all must have looked like a task bundle to you. What other options are you left with as an FSBO seller where you’ll have to put fewer efforts into selling a house and good deals? In such a case, for sale by the owner, sellers can sell their home with low-commission real estate agents or discount real estate brokers.


Sell Your House With Low Commission Real Estate Agents


A low commission real estate agent or discount real estate brokers are one at the same agents offering traditional realtor-like services for a low commission rate. An average full-time real estate agent commission is 5-6% on total sales. 


A low commission real estate agent/broker charges about 2-3% on total sales, saving you from extra charges. Whereas the services offered are similar and hassle-free. However, at times discount real estate brokers take a longer time to respond than traditional realtors due to handling multiple clients at once.


Well, that’s not a disadvantage as such. Usually, all low commission real estate agents respond on time and help with all possible queries and required real estate transactions. These agents will remain with you from listing your house on MLS to closing. However, you can probably doubt their credibility. Let us tell you; it’s not what we think. 


Just because they charge less for the same service offered by a traditional realtor, it doesn’t mean they aren’t authorized or less professional than 5-6% commission-setting agents. They are highly credible and licensed professionals with all market knowledge and strategies used to sell a house. Our best discount real estate agents ranking will help you find the right person for your home sale.


Rankings: Promising Discount Real Estate Brokers & Companies




From listing to closing, Houzeo’s technology makes buying and selling homes more accessible than ever in almost every part of the United States of America. The company provides nationwide coverage all 100% online with the help of accessible listing, fast changes, online showings, and online offers. 


Is Houzeo Credible?


Undoubtedly, Houzeo is the best and most prominent FSBO leading website in America. So far, the company has helped many potential sellers like you find the perfect buyers for their sales at a discount rate. Just at a flat fee of $349 as a listing fee, sellers can avail of Houzeo’s services required for the seller when selling a house. 


However, if you opt for the platform’s Gold plan, you will get access to Houzeo’s cutting-edge tech services like intelliList listing management, Houzeo showings, Houzeo digitransact, and more. With Houzeo, numerous sellers have saved maximum on-agent commission and maximum exposure to your MLS listing. 




istingSpark is one of the best real estate brokerages with an all-in-one seller-centric platform. Guide sellers from listing to closing with its underlying technology and strong support team.


Is ListingSpark Credible?


Yes, ListingSpark is credible and operates on a “pay-as-you-go” package where sellers can list on the platform and access additional features for just $7 per day. While the other plan is ‘Pay at closing,’ where you pay 0.5% of the sale price at the close.


Home sellers can hire one of their real estate agents for $975, who will help you with negotiation, pricing review, and contract compliance. Best of all, the company delivers title insurance and escrow services under the Spark Title. 


Additional services include professional photography services, lock boxes, and yard signs with access to proxy-hosted open days and deal coordinators. You can consider selling your house with ListingSpark. 




HomeLight is a real estate technology company founded in San Francisco that empowers people to achieve better results at one of life’s most meaningful events; buying or selling a home. Their vision is to create a world where every real estate transaction is simple, confident, and satisfying. 


Is HomeLight Credible?


Indeed, they are trustworthy. HomeLight has partnered with 28,000 top real estate agents across the country and has annually supported over $1B of real estate transactions on their platform. The platform’s success rate is high, as they have worked with over 1,293,100 happy clients across the U.S… 


They are best recognized for their free agent matching facility, where the agent provides details on the best real estate agents in your chosen community, including full and limited service plans. 


Here’s a catch, depending on the agent, the traditional 5%-6% commission still applies. The charge is for providing home sellers with a home value estimator, the best time to sell calculator, agent commission calculator, and net gain calculator.


Registering on HomeLight will instantly get an agent’s quote. While the process is quick, only off-market homes are allowed for sale. With HomeLight, your savings would be none to zero, so think before you make a deal with them. 


Final Words


Selling or buying a house has never been an easy task. However, the primary difficulty levels have been eliminated. Suppose you don’t fit in the condition of low commission real estate agents or discount real estate brokers‘ fees; you can sell your house for cash. 


Selling a house fast for cash eliminated all traditional real estate transactions, paperwork, and legalities. Also, the approach is quick and more accessible than the conventional way. You get the cash quote for your house within 48 business hours, and once the cash quote offered  accept from the seller, the closing takes less than a week.