Ridiculously Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Card Boxes

business card boxes

Business cards are a viable means to convey the information related to a brand’s newly launched product, professionalism, and ethical values. There is no doubt in their efficacy to act as your marketing gizmos and develop an understanding of what you are. But, they cannot convince if they are packaged in ordinary custom business cards. The skillfully printed artwork on the cards gets dull when exposed to the outside environment.

There is a dire need to improve their packaging so as to keep them damage-free and extend their efficacy as promotional and marketing tools. Here you will get to know a few effective strategies that lead to the development of improved packaging boxes for business cards.

Reinforce It:

The physical surrounding of the visiting cards is not enough for a business card box. It must pass the drop test to make sure that it can best protect them from physical damages. For that, drop the box from a predetermined height and see if its corners get damaged, or its structure experiences any deformity. The best way to enable your box to resist this physical impact is to use strong cardboard sheets having a higher flexural strength in their manufacturing.

As the bottom part normally gets in touch with the ground in case of a drop, reinforce it with the additional cardboard layer. No matter how sturdier the design is, the impact is always transferred inside. Bearing that in mind, use custom inserts or cushion the cards with shredded paper or other such protective void fills. They will help to prevent the visitor cards from curling up or any such damage.

Make It Look On-Brand:

A cardboard Business card is a smart way to reveal your brand’s story. The projection of this story through packaging design will bring more coherence and make it easy for the onlookers to identify you. It is totally fine whether you want to play with some words or use visual cues in this aspect. But, make sure they are reflecting back at the personality and values of your brand so as to create easy identification and earn brand loyalty.

Find a unifying vision of your brand and make sure to reflect it properly. For instance, if you are a brand that is vocal about eco-friendliness, the visual language used on the custom business card boxes must depict this. Such an approach will go on to solidify a more professional and positive image of your brand in the minds of potential clients.

Think About Unboxing Experience:

The first-ever interaction of the customers with the business cards matters the most. This is probably your first chance to make an impression and inspire them to read the promotional information inscribed on the cards. If the impression is not a positive one, you cannot influence the people to get their hands on the cards and read them thoroughly. When purchasing wholesale business card boxes supplies, ask for a customer-friendly design that spikes the interest.

The custom foldable lid at the top of the packages can make a great and easy opening to generate a one-of-a-kind experience. As a lot of cards get packaged in a single box, you can personalize it with the addition of custom inserts. The added benefit of these inserts is that they can be personalized to target a specific client base for an exemplary experience.

Revolutionize The Aesthetic Impact:

Another improvement that can be brought in a business card box is the impeccable design of its exterior. Based on the apparent look of this box, the potential clients decide whether to go for a read of the promotional cards inside or not. Embellish or decorate it in such a way that people cannot resist but to put their hands inside the box to see the cards.

Printing it with enticing graphics and colors can lead you to success in this aspect. But, you need to make sure that these visual elements have higher visual bandwidth to get the undivided attention even from a distance. A lot of people do not read the cards just because they do not have enough time. To overcome this issue, design the box with attractive die-cut windows to make it easier for the onlookers to give a read to the cards.

Use Protective Laminations:

The business cards are very prone to rust. Direct or indirect exposure to moisture can make them look pale and lose all their visual appeal. When sending out your visiting cards to far-off customers, there is a high chance of getting them damaged from moisture or humidity. The cardboard packages can, of course, resist the moisture, but only to some extent.

More content of moisture can damage them and result in the rusting of visiting cards. A fine stratagem to improve their efficiency in this aspect is to laminate them properly. The PP and PE laminations are a great addition to the texture of these packages that make them defend and protect the cards against rusting effects. These laminations also protect the artwork on the printed business card folder or packages and enhance the visual impact.

There are different ways to go about improving your business card boxes to better protect and present the visiting cards. All the aforementioned tips are recommended by the experts and offer a fine way to get your cards noticed.