Use email marketing to increase book sales


You need to burst your excitement and reach out to your fans for them to read your book. Maybe you want to host some events for them to enjoy. All this enthusiasm is important to be conveyed to your current and potential customers.

The whole ball game is how well your marketing plan is designed. Reach out to your potential customers about your latest books and other news through various means. The most successful and trusty option for the authors is email marketing. A lot of book writing companies also provide email marketing services since they are the ones who are writing the books and can create more relevant content for email marketing.

Significance Of Email Marketing For Authors: Email is the most personalized form of communication. As an author, you market your book, so connecting with your customers via email can be easier since your target audience has an online presence and provides their email accounts for all online activities.

Email marketing has some great benefits from the sales point of view:

  • Retain Readers:

    To bring in the first customer can be challenging. Some marketing through social media accounts and websites is required. Once an individual has shown interest in your book, you can approach those potential customers via email. The interested customers can sign-up for current and future releases. Constant communication will make your existence alive in our customers’ minds.

  • Set Expectations:

    Usually, readers like transparency regarding their favourite author and new releases. They are eagerly waiting for an update. They like to be involved in the process. Email marketing is a platform through which you can update your fans about new releases and create hype about your upcoming books. This constant communication will make the readers more excited about your book.

  • Sell More Merchandise:

    Email marketing can also be a way of selling more merchandise. Once your market is created, you can convert yourself into a brand. As per your collection, you will gain fame in a specific genre, by which you sell off more merchandise out of your brand. Update your fans about your upcoming products in the emails you send them so that more readers will land on your website to fill out their carts.

  • Connects To Social Media:

    Social media and email are directly linked. Billions of people use social media accounts, and all these platforms are connected with email accounts. Just analyze the potential market that exists for the authors. They can pitch their books to billions of people, and the conversion rate is also very high in this approach. They have a massive audience to play with.

  • Obtain Data:

    Email marketing provides you with the analytics to analyze your customers’ engagement with your content. It also collects the data of customers for future use. It records all the data, including how many people received your email, how many opened it and how many asked for unsubscribing your emails. Moreover, this also tracks the clicks on the links you provide in the email, which is very helpful for future decision makings on email marketing.

  • Email Service Providers:

    This is a service provided by technology companies. They are experts, and they have all the tools and technologies which can create an email list along the schedule to send the email to all the subscribers at different time slots of the day.

  • Get Maximum Subscribers:

    Now, you need to identify the potential readers and create a strategy to make them your subscribers. Social media platforms, your websites, advertisements, book stores are some potential places to get your subscribers. The process of subscription should be user friendly. Try to add some pop-ups on your website or some links on your social media platform with some attractive visuals.

  • Key takeaways:

    Email marketing has been a successful means of communication for many years. One of the finest ways to promote your product is through ebook writing services and identifying potential customers.