Unveiling the Beauty Secret: Laser Hair Removal Demystified

Unveiling the Beauty Secret: Laser Hair Removal Demystified
Unveiling the Beauty Secret: Laser Hair Removal Demystified

Sometimes unnecessary hair grows on various parts of our body. Unwanted hair irritates and affects our personalities such as it lowers confidence level, and not being able to wear desirable clothes. 

However, our valuable candidates must not worry as we are presenting the most effective Laser Treatment that gives more long-term results than any other method. At Enfield Royal Clinic, we have an expert dermatologist to carry out the treatment and deliver the most desired results. Read below to know more!

What is Laser Hair Removal?

In Laser Treatment, a high beam of light targets the melanin in hair follicles that burns hair roots In this way roots become damaged, and the growth of hair from roots becomes weak after every session so the laser requires multiple sessions according to hair type. 

The laser treatment is effective in larger body parts while minimising damage to the surrounding skin of the affected area. Unveiling the Beauty Secret: Laser Hair Removal Demystified as the best and short time period procedure. 

Common areas for treatment:

The common treatment areas for the laser are the face, arms,  legs, Back, and abdomen but is also very suitable in sensitive areas like underarms and bikini lines. The laser should not be done near the eyes because of heat.


There are many benefits of Laser Hair Removal, some of which are mentioned below:


  • The procedure does not take much time 
  • Treatment burns melanin production so we cannot face hyperpigmentation.
  • Laser treatment targets the exact place of hair
  • Reduces body odour
  • It is pain-free and more comfortable than any other hair removal method
  • Your confidence will be boosted and you can wear what you like without hesitation
  • After the laser, you may not have to remove hair on a daily basis so it saves a lot of time


Are there any Risks?

There are a few side effects of laser treatment that may occur for a short period of time but if you observe major effects you should consult your doctor.


  • Redness
  • Puffiness.
  • Minimal irritation

Who are the Ideal candidates?

Laser is considered a suitable method for different kinds of hair and skin types but laser works more efficiently on:


  • Thicker hair
  • Dark colour skin and hair
  • Larger and insensitive body parts
  • Hair in the effective growth stage
  • People with good general health


Below are mentioned tips that are required to follow in order to attain a safe treatment:


  • Go for regular checkups before treatment
  • Take care of your skin.
  • Avoid chemical products
  • Take healthy food that is good for your skin
  • Drink large quantity of water to keep your skin hydrated
  • Avoid sun exposure to keep your skin cool before treatment
  • Avoid shaving skin before treatment

How is the Procedure done? 

Before laser hair treatment you have to consult a doctor to discuss treatment and expected outcomes. However, below is mentioned the laser procedure.


During laser hair treatment the doctor cleanses your skin mildly then they give you goggles to protect your eyes. After that, a cooling gel is used with instruments to penetrate the beam of light. 

The technicians will use a handheld device that emits light. The device is set according to the density of hair and is directed toward your hair follicles. Hair follicles absorb the light and then they become weak for regrowing hair and hair will grow again after two to three months.


NOTE: Laser treatment usually takes 20 to 25 min but it depends on the size and area. 


After laser treatment, you have to take care of your skin because patients may face slight changes in their skin like redness or irritation but it can be cured in the following ways:


  • Using cooling lotion
  • Applying sunblock
  • Using ice to reduce heat effects
  • Avoid exposure to the sun
  • Do not use chemical products
  • Using Steroid cream
  • Avoid swimming.
  • Avoid excessive scrubbing
  • Refrain from harsh treatments


There are no such side effects of laser to be recovered but the candidates are required to follow the aftercare instructions to heal quickly. This is because, after laser treatment, the skin cells become weaker. After 2 days of laser procedure, the face becomes clean and hair free which gives a radiant look to our personality.

Get the Treatment!

Laser treatment is concluded as a convenient, effective and long-lasting way to remove hair. After consulting with your dermatologist you must try it and save your time by saying goodbye to razors and wax strips and embracing your desired hair-free skin. In our clinic, we provide a safe and friendly environment to our patients so you have to visit for any type of consultation or queries.