Unique Mens Underwear


It’s hard to put much thought into a pair of underwear, which is why you might find yourself reaching for the cheapest multi-pack on the shelf. Invest in some high-quality briefs that won’t bunch or ride up, and you’ll find yourself with a much more comfortable wardrobe staple in Unique Mens Underwear.

Swiss manufacturer Hanro makes a lengthy catalog of men’s underwear with a nod to tradition (the brand is over 137 years old). This pair of boxer briefs are made from a soft blend of long-staple Egyptian cotton and elastane, and they have a flattering lay-flat construction. They feel luxurious and hard-wearing, and they held up well through repeated washings and rigorous wear.

A reworking of a Swedish army design from the seventies, these bum-hugging briefs tick all the functional boxes. With a soft, stretchy blend of organic cotton and mercerised fibres and a built-in pouch that enhances the buttocks, they look good as well.

While thongs and g-strings provide bare minimum coverage, they also tend to cause chafing and are not the most practical everyday wear for men. Fortunately, US-based company Underwear for Men’s pouch underwear uses US and Intl patents pending to isolate and support the butt without creating skin on skin contact.

If you don’t want to curate your own styles, try a subscription service like Stance or MeUndies. They’ll pick the designs for you based on a survey that you submit when signing up, and they offer exclusive deal pricing on each shipment to save you a few dollars per pair. Both brands support diverse bodies and focus on empowering their audience rather than selling them on raw sexual energy.