Understanding the Different Types of Hair Loss and Their Causes”



Understanding the Different Types of Hair Loss and Their Causes"

Hair loss is a major problem that people are facing these days. It is not termed a disease but too much loss of hair is not good. This not only affects your physical problems but can also lower your self-confidence. This problem of hair loss can be temporary or permanent. Short-term hair loss can easily be addressed and treated. The prolonged hair loss causes baldness in some people and they are left with no other solution to cure it. Understanding the Different Types of Hair Loss and Their Causes is important for every person. Both genders tend to lose the thickness of hair as they grow older. 

What is Hair Loss?

This is called alopecia. Hair growth is a natural process that occurs in many regions of the body. A healthy person can have hair loss of 100 strands per day. Eventually, more hair regrows as the hair fall occurs and this cycle continues. If a person has more hair loss than growth then it is an alarming situation. More hair begins to shed and few hairs regrow back to take its place. This is the hair loss process that has different types. The extent of hair fall majorly depends on the gender and age of a person. 

What Are its Causes?

Hair loss is a common problem all over the world. There are many causes of hair loss. Some major factors that lead to excessive loss of hair are as follows

  • This problem may be hereditary or in genetics. The majority of people face hair loss because it is a hereditary trait.
  • The other cause that leads to hair loss is dandruff. The scalp becomes prone to fungal infections and becomes dry. This leads to more hair loss from the scalp.
  • Hair damage can also occur when the hair gets damaged. This damage is due to the application of various chemicals and bleach on your hair. Coloring and dying destroy your hair.
  • Many hormonal changes occur during pregnancy and puberty. These changes can cause hair loss and damage to hair follicles.
  • Medical treatments such as chemotherapy and exposure to harmful radiation lead to hair loss. Excessive medications are primarily involved in it.
  • Vitamin A is essential for the growth of hair. Vitamin A and all other nutritional deficiencies are involved in hair loss. 
  • Not getting enough protein or iron stunts the growth of hair on the scalp.
  • Many stressful conditions such as depression or anxiety are also the main factors that cause hair loss.

Types of Hair Loss:

There are many types of hair loss that occur in people. Some types are permanent and some kinds of hair loss are temporary. We have discussed some major types of hair loss

  1. Androgenic Hair Loss:

This is inherited baldness that affects both genders equally. It causes pattern baldness in males and also causes hair loss in females.

  1. Areata alopecia:

It is an auto-immune disorder that is also caused by genetics. This disorder causes loss of hairs from the body and scalp. 

  1. Telogen effluvium:

It occurs due to mental stress and physical diseases. This type causes more loss hair in a very short period of time. Shedding of hair typically happens due to hormonal changes and you may experience baldness in a short life span. 

  1. Effluvium anagen:

A type of hair loss that occurs through certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy. When you expose yourself to harmful radiation, you may experience hair fall as a side effect.


Hair loss varies depending on the age and gender of an individual. There are many symptoms of hair loss such as

  • Thinning of hair, especially in females
  • Much fall of hairs on the body and scalp
  • Loss of small hair patches on the scalp
  • Dry scalp full of dandruff.

How Common is this Issue?

Baldness is a common problem around the world. Many men and women face baldness when they grow older. Even the young generation complains of excessive hair loss. This hair loss is due to emotional stress and many other reasons such as tying their hair tightly. Hair loss is an issue that is rising much over recent years because a large percentage of the population is susceptible to it.

Treatments for Hair Loss:

If you feel hair loss due to many medical reasons you should see a doctor. There are many treatments for hair fall all around the world. The type of treatments that are suitable depends upon the extent of hair fall and the factor of age. Certain medicines and PRP therapy treats hair fall. If a person gets fully bald and has only a few hairs left on the scalp then he goes for a hair transplant. 


You should take some effective steps to prevent hair loss from the scalp and body.

To limit hair loss you should

  • Eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients and vitamins.
  • Fulfill all protein deficiencies as this biomolecule is crucial for good hair growth. 
  • You should avoid exposing your skin to harmful radiation.