Under the Oak Tree – Webtoon

Under the Oak Tree

Under The Oak Tree starts out with Maximilian’s wedding, which has just ended, but the story quickly jumps forward three years. Maximilian hears that her husband is coming home, apparently to ask for a divorce and marry a princess. Her father is furious and calls her ugly. It is this situation that leads to Maximilian’s death.

Anatol’s demand for wifely duties

The webtoon based on the novel “Under the Oak Tree” has a similar ending. Riftan leaves her husband in order to pursue her dreams and become a better woman. Riftan has repeatedly tried to guilt her into staying, but she wants to learn that true love is about supporting her partner’s goals.

Maximilian’s inability to trust Anatol

Maximilian has always been an afterthought at Castle Croix. She merely serves as a pawn for her father’s selfish plans. But when she meets Anatol, she finds her perspective on the world is challenged, and the love between monster and human is questioned.

Maximilian’s relationship with Anatol is strained at first. Although they love each other dearly, they cannot trust each other. They have different ideas of what is right and what is wrong. Anatol is a dangerous place, and Maximilian’s inability to trust Anatol is a major stumbling block.

Maximilian’s death

Maximilian is the daughter of a duke. She married an underprivileged knight at her father’s request, but the man left without saying goodbye. Three years later, he reappears as a knight, and Maximilian is left with no other choice but to find him.

Under the Oak Tree is a fantasy novel by Korean writer Kim Soo-ji. It is full of fantasy, drama, and romance. It narrates the story of a woman who is abandoned by her husband, and how she finally finds love with a knight. During their wedding night, Riftan is sent on a campaign and returns three years later. Maximilian’s life with her new husband is very different than before.