Ultimate Guide to Production Management Course- Must Read!


If you wish to apply for the production management course, this blog is a good read for you.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • What is production management?
  • What are the eligibility criteria of the production management course?
  • Why should you choose the production management course?
  • What is the scope in production management?
  • What is the average salary package you can get after the course?
  • Some effective tips

So, let’s dive in and start exploring!

What is Production Management?

The three central functions of every business are- Production, Marketing, and Finance. Out of them, the first and foremost concern of employers is managing their production activities.

For the unintended, production management is the process of managing the production systems of a company that converts raw materials into products/services.

Now, talking about the duty of a production manager- he or she is responsible to effectively plan and design production systems and acquire the goals of the company along the way.

A degree/diploma/PG in production management course certainly helps people to learn and understand:

  • Strategically plan in production management
  • Operational elements of production management
  • Handle and gauge production management

What are the eligibility criteria of the production management course?

If you want to pursue a career in production management, you can either go for a diploma, graduation, or post-graduation.

Take a look at the eligibility requirements for each one of them:


  • Must have passed 10+2 examination from a recognized board with 50 percent marks


  • Must have completed 10+2 examination from a recognized board
  • For UG courses, a specific percentage of marks in the secondary board exam is mandatory
  • Some institutions admit candidates on the basis of several exams such as JEE Main, JEE advanced, and more.


  • Must have completed 10+2 examination from a recognized board
  • Have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks.

Note: the eligibility criteria for diploma/graduation/post-graduation in production management usually differ from institution to institution. Nevertheless, the aforementioned are the basic requirements all institutions ask for.

Why should you choose the production management course?

Production management has become quite famous lately. Nowadays, it is considered one of the best courses. If you have planned to take a diploma/degree/PG in this course, just go for it.

The course will help you acquire the necessary knowledge/skills for planning, directing, controlling, managing, and organizing several production operations- which help retail companies to make profit.

Need to mention, the production management course is not just designed for the manufacturing industry but for every company in the value chain.

If you want to develop management strategies and skills, then you should take a step ahead and get admission in one of the best colleges/institutions at the earliest.

What is the scope in production management?

There are ample ways to design your future after studying production management course:

  • You can take specializations in several areas including supply chain management, safety management, and more.
  • You can apply for jobs in top companies across India

Here are the positions you can apply for after completing your production management course:

  • Business Process Consultant
  • Communication Services Engineers
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Production Head
  • Online Media Analyst

There are more but we have only listed down the highest paying careers after the production management course.

What is the average salary package you can get after the course?

By now you will be curious to know about salary packages. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Salary given to professionals working in the following positions are:

  • Production Manager: INR 6 to 8 lakhs p.a. (Approximately)
  • Purchase Analyst: INR 2 to 5 lakhs p.a. (Approximately)
  • Senior Manager: INR 6 to 10 lakhs p.a. (Approximately)
  • General Operation Manager: INR 6 to 12 lakhs p.a. (Approximately)
  • Planning Manager: INR 5 to 6 lakhs p.a. (Approximately)
  • Project Manager: INR 4 to 6 lakhs p.a. (Approximately)

Some Effective Tips

If you want to make the most of your production management course and get into any of the aforementioned jobs, you will also have to work on the following skills:

  • Communication skills: When it comes to production management jobs, you will have to interact with several people. Hence, having good communication skills is always a plus point. 
  • Motivational Skill: This is a must-have skill for project managers as they have a responsibility to engage as well as motivate their team members.
  • Negotiable Skills: Employees working as purchase analysts should certainly know how to negotiate with people.

We hope this blog helped you understand everything about the production management course. If you are interested, do not wait more and pick one of the best institutions/colleges/universities that offer this course. All the best.