Troubleshooting Hacks To Rectify QuickBooks File-Access Error 6000 Permanently

permanently fix QuickBooks error code 6000 series

Attempting to open a QB company file and coming across the error code 6000 in QuickBooks software is a usual occurrence. This technical snag can give QuickBooks users a hard time accessing company files and affects work operations.

Follow our blog post and become a pro at expertly resolving the QuickBooks file-access error 6000. But, before we jump on the solutions, let us acquaint ourselves with the most frequently-encountered QB 6000 error codes in the accounting software.

Common QuickBooks Error Code In The QB 6000 Series

The QB 6000 series includes several tricky error codes that can stop you from accessing company files. Here are the most common QB 6000 error codes that frequently cause issues and difficulties in this accounting software –

  • “QB error code 6176-0”
  • “QB error code 6000-107”
  • “QB error code 6000-1076”
  • “QB error code 6010-100”
  • “QB error code 6138-105”
  • “QB error code 6210-0”
  • “QB error code 6189-83”
  • “QB error code 6190-83”
  • “QB error code 6012-1061”
  • “QB error code 6144-82”
  • “QB error code 6000-82”
  • “QB error code 6129-101”
  • “QB error code 6190-816”
  • “QB error code 6190-815”
  • “QB error code 6190-82”
  • “QB error code 6000-832”
  • “QB error code 6144-304”
  • “QB error code 6190-1005”
  • “QB error code 6189-1005”
  • “QB error code 6000-305”
  • “QB error code 6073-816”
  • “QB error code 6144-103”
  • “QB error code 6144-0”
  • “QB error code 6120-0”
  • “QB error code 6087-0”
  • “QB error code 6131-0”
  • QuickBooks error code 6147-0

Expert QuickBooks Troubleshooting Solutions To Solve Company File Error Code 6000

  1. Recover The Copied Files And Data Of The QuickBooks Software

Initially, try to solve the QuickBooks file-access error 6000 by relocating the file location of the QB company file. If you are still unable to access the company file, you need to recover the copied files and data of the QuickBooks accounting software. This will help you determine if the company file-access issue is caused by the current QB file.

You may face difficulties recovering the backup QB files and data in your system. In that scenario, try out the following steps and then restore the QB company files.

  • Turn Off The “Multi-User Host” Feature In QuickBooks Software
    • Run the QB company file in the system where you are facing the file-access error.
    • Head over to the utility option from the QuickBooks software File window.
    • Now, spot the “Stop Multi-User Hosting” feature in the Utility window and enable it.
  • Check The Character Limit Of The QB Company File
    • Run the QB company file in the system where you are facing the file-access error.
    • Head over to the Address Bar of the QB company file and copy the file directory path.
    • Now, paste the QB company file directory path into a Word document and check for extra spaces and total characters.

Once you have tried out the above two steps, try to recover the QB company file once again. Hopefully, now you can successfully restore the QuickBooks files and resolve the QB error code 6000.

  1. Create New Names For The QuickBooks Setup Files (.ND And .TLG)

The QuickBooks setup files .ND and .TLG lets a user seamlessly access and run the QB company files. If either one of the QuickBooks setup files is damaged or corrupted, you may come across the QB file backup error code 6000.

This issue in the QuickBooks software can be easily resolved by altering the names of both the QB setup files. After trying out this troubleshooting procedure, the damaged .ND and .TLG files will be repaired and you will be able to access the QB company files without any errors.

  • Go to the file location of your QuickBooks account in the system where you are facing the file-access error.
  • There, find the QuickBooks setup files .ND and .TLG to repair them.
  • Now, choose to assign a new name to the QB .ND and .TLG files through the Rename option. Create any new name for the QuickBooks setup files with the file extension .OLD at the end.
  1. Run Sample Files Of The QuickBooks Software
  • Access the “No Company Open” option of QuickBooks in the system where you are facing the QB file-access error.
  • Next, head over to the list of QB sample files through the “Open Sample File” option.
  • If you are failing to access the QB company file, you need to fix the installation files of the accounting software. But if you could open the QB sample file without any error, talk help from professionals.

Solve QuickBooks Desktop Company File-Access Error 6000 Professionally!

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