Top Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of an Online Classroom


Students usually get bored a few days after the commencement of a new session. Finding innovative ways to create an effective study environment is what educators these days strive for. Developing effective strategies to eliminate classroom monotony improves the efficiency of Online Teaching Platforms in India.

The most significant benefit of having an exciting study environment is that it results in an increased attention span, which leads to increased retention. Student participation is a lot higher in a fun and communicative learning environment.

Ways to Increase Classroom Efficiency

In order to increase innovation inside the classroom, various ways can be adopted to grab the student’s attention and spark their interest in education. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Asking questions that have the ability to elicit a response from the students and discussion on the topic being studied takes place. Using a variety of study material that encourages subjective answers will capture the attention of the student. 
  • Utilising technology in education can sometimes help students to understand a topic quickly. For example- Teaching with the aid of an online video can help visual learners to understand the subject more effectively. 
  • Organising study-related games such as quizzes can increase the motivation among students to study with greater intensity. Subjects involving maths and languages can be taught through the use of computer games. 
  • Teaching by utilising visuals helps to increase retention among students. It enhances the conceptual understanding of a student as compared to traditional methods of blackboard teaching.

Evidence to Showcase the Effectiveness of Online Teaching

The usage of unconventional and conventional ways of teaching made learning uninterrupted during the lockdown. The digital educational scenario involves the utilisation of tools and technologies that are innovative and helps in enhancing the learning performance of the students. Teachers provided instructions using a variety of such online tools.

Online Teaching Platforms involve innovative study models. These study models offer access to a pool of resources. That is usually inaccessible. Learning methods can be customised while using these resources, and teaching time can be improved. The solutions are provided along with the resources such as video content, assignments and study materials, etc.

Final Note

Online learning has many benefits, such as quizzes, innovative education-based games, competitions, etc. The prevalence of smooth technology is helpful for the creation of an environment that promotes meaningful learning in an online setting. The hybrid form of education is crucial as it helps to provide Educational Platforms for Teachers in which they can continue without having to take unnecessary pauses.