Top Technologies for Website Development like Medium

Top Technologies for Website Development like Medium

Medium is a popular and powerful online publishing platform with many excellent features. It offers a convenient way of publishing content. There are many entrepreneurs who got inspired by its success and want to develop their own websites like Medium. One of the most crucial questions to ask when it comes to developing any website is what technology stack to use to build it. 

Entrepreneurs willing to develop a website like Medium would like to know the underlying tech stack before they opt for a website development service to materialize their vision. If you also want to know the technologies used to build a website like Medium, this post is just for you. 

A website like Medium uses many kinds of technologies that make everything smooth and easy. Basically, a website has two parts that are front-end and back-end. In order to build a complete website, you need to create both of these facets. Therefore, the type of technologies used depends on the front-end and back-end development requirements. 

So, let’s walk through the various technologies used for developing a Medium-like website.  

Front-end development

In order to build a robust front-end for your Medium website clone, you can choose from a variety of technologies. You have the option to choose from many JavaScript frameworks/libraries such as AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, etc. The use of JavaScript frameworks/libraries in front-end development is increasing. These frameworks/libraries offer numerous benefits, including code reusability, component-based coding, flexibility, and more. 

Back-end development

Back-end development is more complex than front-end development, and there are more facets of the back-end from server to database. The following are the key technologies used in back-end development. 

  • PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language and is widely used for creating dynamic and static websites. It is suitable for creating web applications and websites with a wide variety of functionalities. PHP also offers many of its frameworks that are prevalent in web development. 

  • Python

Python is also a popular technology used in web development with a rich library, lightweight coding, and powerful syntax. It is a programming language that has a wide implementation in web development. Using frameworks like Django and Flask, developers can build various web development solutions. 

Server and database technologies

The Medium website uses Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), and it also uses Ansible for system management, which helps in rolling out changes in a controlled manner. For the database, the Medium website uses DynamoDB, a NoSQL database to store and manage different data types. Redis cache is used with the database that diminishes the hotkey issue occurring at the time of viral events. 

Miscellaneous other technologies they use

  • NodeJS
  • Nginx
  • GraphQL
  • SendGrid
  • HAProxy

Besides the tech stack, you may also want to know the cost of developing a website like Medium. There are many factors affecting the cost, and a good estimation can be given when you know these factors. The blog on how much it will cost to develop a website like Medium provides insight into these factors and everything about the cost. 

The bottom line

There are lots of websites that are making a fortune for their owners and inspiring many.’s success is a testimony to this fact. As a popular blogging platform, it provides a simple and quick way for users to publish media-rich content. Moreover, it has become a dream of many entrepreneurs to develop a website like Medium. Developing a website isn’t a cakewalk; many technologies work under the hood to power such websites. Moreover, you have seen various technologies that are needed to build a website like