Top Skills To Look For When Hiring A Legal Marketing Consultant

legal marketing consultant

Lawyers only want to practice law; they do not want to get their heads into marketing. But of course, like every business looking forward to increasing their influx of clients, lawyers, and law firms are no different. To reach a specific target, they need effective marketing that will help them gain more clients and build their reputation in the market. 

So, to keep practicing law and not invest your time and resources into marketing, you can hire a legal marketing consultant. They are professionals who fully understand both industries and combine their knowledge to build your firm a strategy.

Checklist for Skills A Law Firm Marketing Consultant Should Have

It could be establishing your brand or increasing your visibility on search engines. If you know what you are looking for, you must have a checklist of things your consultant must have to help achieve your objective. Therefore, we list the top skills you should look for before hiring a marketing consultant. 

WordPress Expertise

Every law firm looking forward to building an online presence must have an efficient website. It is a virtual reflection of your physical firm and an incredible tool to bring in potential clients and form new connections. If you want to convert, your website must have a professional appearance and design.

A marketing consultant with the knowledge and skills to work with WordPress will assist your website marketing efforts. Since WordPress is very popular for marketing, a law firm marketing consultant must have proficiency in marketing websites, building pages, using tags, themes, etc. 

Basic Graphic Design Skills

Visual content such as images and videos support website engagement. Hence, hiring a legal marketing consultant is essential for curating interactive advertising graphics. They can have basic knowledge of designing and editing. You can check if they know Photoshop and ask for projects with the graphic design they have previously worked on. 

Writing Compelling Legal Content 

Another vital skill that your consultant should not miss is copywriting. In marketing, it is essential to create legal content that evokes interest in the minds of the visitors and firmly holds their attention. Crafting content may seem like a simple task. However, it takes language skills to create clear and enthralling articles.

A good writing piece will help your prospects to stay longer on your site, take desirable actions, open marketing emails, and more. You may ask your marketing consultants for their best-written samples to check their capability.


Law firms require a marketing hand to make their brand recognizable and build a significant client base. Relying on an in-house team can take up a lot of time, and with no results, your resources can go to waste. Therefore, you can reach your business goals by hiring a legal marketing consultant

However, before hiring a law firm marketing consultant, you must know a little about them. Hence, look for basic skills like knowledge of WordPress, graphic design skills, and more.