Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Business Name


What’s in a business name? A lot as the right business name will help distinguish you from competitors as you make it your own. Naming a business is not easy as so many names are already taken and it is never easy saying in one or a few words exactly what describes or identifies you as a company. If you are looking for business naming services, then Unboxfame is the best company to offer you the best services.

How do you come up with the perfect name? A name that no-one else has thought of? A name that is memorable and that is available for use? Start with jotting down industry terms, descriptors, names you like while keeping in mind these common mistakes.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming a Business

  1. Too Generic. Common terms are easy to remember so long as they describe the business but do not differentiate you from your competitors.
  2. Obscure. It may make sense to you after you say it a million times but does it resonate with customers? Will they remember it? Certainly Google, Sony, Nike, etc are names that never existed and through advertising and great products made them what they are. If you need startup naming services, then you can contact Unboxfame. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.
  3. Awkward misspellings. This is one area that is so inviting. You think and then search for the domain name and it is taken so you just change the spelling. PhastService, BuggMan, etc. This is confusing to consumers who are trying to find you online.
  4. Overused. These are terms that we hear over and over in every industry, for example: Great, American, Absolute, etc. These are easy to remember but are used in each industry so there may be 5 different companies using great (ie Great Auto, Great Storage, etc). If you are searching for descriptive brand names, then Unboxfame is the company that can give you a wonderful name.
  5. Location Naming. This is great for geographically based businesses, but if you are looking to expand to other areas, it can be problematic. The objection to the rule is if the location is known for a certain product, ie NY Bagels.
  6. Word Combination. Taking parts of 2 words and putting them together to form a new word sometimes works well and other times is a train wreck waiting to happen, ie SkinnyGym. Do you have to be thin to go there or do you get thin by going there?
  7. Too Long. A name that is too long is not only hard to remember, many times it is almost impossible to shorten a domain name.

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Naming a business is all about creating a name that will make customers remember you by providing the right image that communicates your business purpose clearly. Be sure to search the name not only to see if it is taken but to check for any negative connotations. If you can find it, everyone else can.