Top Five Ways To Identify The Best Tree Planting NGO


The majority of the people are confused about finding the best tree planting NGO because not all reforestation organizations are 100% transparent with their methods. However, there are a few pointers that will help you find the best tree plantation organization.

1) Check who is behind that organization

First of all, do some thorough research & find out who is running the organization to plant your trees. Do they have a social media presence? Is their face visible, or are they hiding behind a company logo? Are they responding? Try emailing them or give them a call & if they don’t revert, never choose them for tree plantation!

2) Check images of their tree planting campaigns

Always make sure that you check their website or social media channels for the images of their team members or children planting trees. Do they have pictures with people posing proudly, holding saplings? They are most likely to be volunteers. Neither of the two is wrong. It just depends upon your preference, whether you like supporting professional tree planters or volunteers. Also, check if their posts are up to date & unique because if they uploaded images & videos ten years ago, this is a clear indication that the company is not active anymore.

3) Checking their website & social media channels

The First & most important step when choosing a tree-planting organization is to go through their website & check whether they are providing information related to their reforestation projects & methods. If they have not, then that is a big red flag! Choose only those organizations that are transparent about their working methods.

4) Check for their transparency

Do you know for what purpose they are using your money? Are they asking for INR 300 for the reforestation project, or are they providing a tree for the same amount? Again neither of them is right or wrong. However, the former approach is less tangible than the latter. Choosing the process is entirely up to you.

5) Costs of planting a tree

You will need to consider the costs too! You will have to calculate the fees for land, permission & bureaucracy. It also includes planning, sourcing the right tools & seeds & getting them transported to your nursery. Then you need to put in some time & effort to pre-grow the saplings, prepare the field & install the irrigation, plant tree sapling out into the areas and then take care of them for years to come. Be fair and pay the price for all the hard work they have done. How would you feel if somebody paid you cents for all the hard work that you did? If we decide to go sustainable. It should be holistic. That would benefit everybody, including you, the local community & the global system.

Why are we one of the best environmental & tree planting organizations out there?

Our team at Catch foundation follows a sustainable holistic approach. We are very proud of the things we do & that too in a proper way. We will be honored if you choose us & we will give our best to plant & take care of your tree until it grows into a beautiful, tall & valuable symbol of your devotion.