Top 8 free online powerful logo makers that best suits your business identity


Logo designing is not a difficult task itself especially when you have enough accessibility. Digital media, social media, digital marketing and technology, all make this world more connected. Old traditions have been replaced with new ones. You can easily buy groceries, do shopping as much you can online from the conform for your home. It is all because of advanced media. Now, if we talk about logo design, brand, and its effectiveness in our daily life specifically, there is a vast scenario that comes in our mind. Online businesses are the fastest-growing networks that are currently running through social media. let’s find the top online logo makers.

Owning a business is now becoming simpler through digital media as doing publicity, promoting your company’s name, and designing your logo, all become too easy. But the question is how to create your brand’s logo simply? There are numerous logo designing services available on the internet that provide you with brilliant logos for free. Instead, you go for personal designers or hire a freelancer to give them a hefty amount of money to create your own hype

8 best logo makers to design a perfect logo without any hustle

We put together a list of some powerful and trendy logo makers through which you can execute your brand’s idea.

  • Adobe Spark Logo Maker
  • Shopify Free Logo Generator
  • Canva Free Online Logo Maker
  • Wix Online Logo Generator
  • Squarespace Free Logo Builder
  • Zyro free Logo Creator
  • TailorBrands Free logo Builder
  • NameCheap Logo Design

1- Adobe Spark Logo Maker

Adobe Spark is the best tool for creating and proving an idealistic logo for you. Through it, you can easily create your own features, customize your logo by your style. Just put the name of your company, and spin the wheel to create your style. Adobe eSpake hooks you as there are hundreds of professionally designed logos available. You can just easily get your hands in using its best features.

2- Shopify Logo Generator

Shopify is the best free online log generator in terms of features. It has a great art library where you find icons, shapes, different symbols, and colors according to your preference. It is all about just typing your business name and choosing an icon you like. Adjust the size and shapes that best suit your designs. With a logo maker, you can easily access hundreds of modern fonts and use them in your logo.

3- Canva Logo Maker

Canva is a superb logo designing tool in terms of efficiency. If you have no designing experience then use canva as it helps you to create effective logos in no time. It is the best tool to create a perfect brand identity. You’ll find a vast library of different designing templates, just choose one that you like the most. You can also upload your own graphics and images, edit them up, resize them, and voila! Try Canva’s best logo creator today.

4- Wix Logo Generator

Working on a Wix logo maker is just like sewing left and right or just drag or drop. Wix will create some logos in front of you, it is up to you to like or dislike them. After that, you can easily tweak your design or design something from scratch. Those looking for logo designing and web development should reach out to Wix. The editor works on your website and gives marvelous visuals to you.

5- Squarespace Logo Builder

Using a Squarespace logo maker you can easily access all tools fonts, colors, shapes, and other tools. By using this tool, you can instantly see your new logo on applications such as business cards, websites, and t-shirts. Simplicity in this logo maker makes it unique as your entire brand needs what? Simplicity!

6- Zyro Logo Creator

With the creative platform of Zyro, you can create a masterpiece that you exactly want to create. It allows you to download a logo just for free. To design your logo, you have to do these simple steps:

  • Pick a logo design
  • Choose colors and shape
  • Change fonts as per need

It just only takes a minute to download it and yes, you don’t need a designer for this!

7- TailorBrands Logo Builder

Tailor brand is another AI-powered powerful tool to create your brand’s identity. The basic motive of this platform is to gather digital talent at the forefront. It all starts by entering your brand’s name, selecting your industry, and creating a professional logo just in minutes. Choose your logo style out of three options:

  • Icon Based
  • Name Based
  • Initial Based

Choose your favorite colors, add preverbal typeface styles and pick your desired fonts. It will bring hundreds of logo designs just in minutes, tweak that one, and create your own.

8- NameCheap Logo Design

NameCheap, the quick all-in-one software and is the name of quality that understands the basic needs of entrepreneurs. It helps you find the right fonts, colors, and icons for your logo by seeing it on real applications. Access all about the new features at name cheap.


Did you try any of these top 8 logo makers? Above are the top significant free Online logo maker tools that make your logo memorable, appropriate and simple. Your brand will become visible just in days.